Reason for Deviation of Agenda in March in Q1

I want to apologize for the deviation from schedule in the month of March.  I have not covered the following topics as promised:

  1. Feb 26: Approving requests programmatically
  2. Mar 5: Sync config: Fundamentals of ma-data and mv-data
  3. Mar 12: Sync config: Updating the SQL MA
  4. Mar 19: Adding a custom AuthZ workflow
  5. Mar 26: Adding a custom Action workflow

There are two reasons for this.  First, I do not have a build of ILM “2” RC (or now called by some as RC0) running at the moment.  All of my Hyper-V images and lab boxes run more recent builds of the product.  Because of the web service changes I cannot use the existing public client.  Also, because of the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten about the public client, we came up with a new prototype that has a very different API.*  This prototype isn’t compatible with the RC build, so I cannot use it in this forum, yet.  There simply isn’t code I can present which shows how to programmatically approve requests or create ma-data objects.

Second, we spent the month of March planning and getting approved to code a much desired tool for customers.  We will announce details when appropriate. If you attended the MVP Summit a few weeks back, we took your feedback on this tool seriously: We are not using sync.  It’s PowerShell all the way!

Next week I’ll present the agenda for April and Q2.  I would like to set the expectations now that the upcoming agenda will be sparse with code as we tread water in-between releases.  When the next release is available, we will pick back up on the uncovered topics and expand to more using the latest version of the client.

*We use this prototype in extensibility demos of the product.  The intention is to gain feedback and wisdom in building a supported web service client.

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