Sample scenario: Add and remove members in a group

In our last post we created a new group.  Now we’ll doing something truly exciting: We’ll add members to the group.  Adding and removing members is the same Put request.  The difference is we specify “Add” or “Remove” as the operation for each member.  The sample client records values added and removed in code, and…


Sample scenario: Create a new group

Today we are going to create a new group using web services.  To create a new group, like creating any object in ILM, you must provide a starting value that includes all of the required attributes.  In the case of a group, we need to set a few more attributes than we would with other…


Call for topics!

Well, we are coming to the end of the first itinerary through ILM “2” extensibility.  Keeping this blog to the schedule has been a fun learning experience for me, and I appreciate the feedback.  I hope it is clear from this and the other ILM “2” blogs that we are shipping a quality product which…


Sample scenario: Get ILM schema

In our last post we saw how to use the enumeration endpoint to search for particular objects.  In this post we take that knowledge to get ILM’s schema.  Since ILM’s schema is dynamic and customizable, you must enumerate the ILM objects related to schema.  There is no static XSD to reference.  The three objects of…


Sample scenario: Enumerate all persons

We saw in our previous post how to get a specific person.  If you don’t exactly know which person you want, you instead need to enumerate objects from ILM.  ILM exposes a WS-Enumeration endpoint which enables you specify a filter query and then page over results.  We described the WS-Enumeration protocol a bit more in…


New Identity Management Blog

I just learned about a new blog in the Identity Management world: This is run by Brjann Brekkan, one of ILM’s great marketing people.  I recommend keeping an eye out for general announcements and resources about the product there.


Sample Scenario: Get a specific person with extensions

Today’s sample code at first glance may seem like a basic copy-paste of our last post.  In many ways it is.  We show you today how to get a specific person like last time, but this time we specify which attributes to retrieve.  In the previous example we let the ILM Service return all available…


Sample scenario: Get a specific person

OK, now for the fun – Hello World with the web services and sample client!  In this post we get a specific person.  By specific, I mean we already know the person’s ObjectID.  In many scenarios you do not know the ObjectID ahead of time, and we will cover how to handle these cases in…


How to interpret SOAP Faults

Apologies for the delay in this post.  I use Windows Live Writer to compose the content on this blog.  It is a wonderful program that makes writing posts easy and straight-forward.  Best of all, it allows offline editing of new and existing posts.  The downside, though, is when you forget to publish the changes! Before…