I’m back!

Hey everybody! Long time no see 🙂

After 3 years of absence, I returned to Microsoft! I'm back as a PM in the Windows team, working on audio. My team owns the whole audio stack, from the high-level audio-related APIs to the audio driver stack. It feels great to be back in such a great company and an amazing team! Anytime that you hear a sound from your Windows device, you're utilizing my team's hard efforts 🙂 My teammate Matthew van Eerde also has a blog with great information about Windows audio.

From this point on, I'll be mostly focusing on posts related to Windows audio (even though I'll also try to include posts about driver development). As always, I'm open for questions and feedback! Especially if you have feedback about areas that are broken and need our attention, this is the best time to let us know!

I'm really excited to be back! My goal is to keep up with useful blogs posts, as before.

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  1. ImDead says:

    Welcome back 🙂

    hope you post soon

    thank you

  2. Nk says:

    Things that are broken include Windows Media Player audio playback. It is at times sluggish or it stutters, even with the improvements in Vista/7. It does not include any good cross-fading or volume leveling features, and the ones it has don't really work. Winamp on the other hand is excellent. The sound is so smooth, even when you pause/seek. Try to seek through a song using WMP and compare it to seeking with Winamp, and you will see the difference.

    Many times, WMP's increase playback speed feature (Ctrl+Shift+g) can also make the audio sound rusty. I can't explain it better, but you try to increase the speed and everything sounds as if some distortion has been introduced in the audio output. You exit WMP and re-open it a few times, increase the speed again and the rustiness goes away.

    These bugs have been there for 10 years plus and there was never a fix.

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