KMDF Debugging Videos

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about our UMDF debugging videos, which were created by my teammate Abhishek.

Now, I'm really excited to announce that we've released KMDF debugging videos, which can be found at These videos were created by my teammate Kumar. They present 3 important aspects of KMDF debugging:

1) How to debug the KMDF log

2) How to get information about a driver and its objects

3) How to dump all the devices and queues


Comments (4)

  1. amitahuja says:

    I am a new bee in driver development and want to learn about display drivers development on Windows VistaWin7, Can you point me to the right resources and also if you can point me to some great tutorials to refer for same that will be great help.


  2. iliast says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know many things about how to develop display drivers. If you are a newbee in driver development, though, I suggest by starting with the development of simpler drivers and not go directly to display drivers. You’ll find lots of information in my blog about how to start developing device drivers.

  3. newbie says:

    Thanks for providing this useful information

  4. william says:

    i back on road and my bus is good.i driver an new bus.

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