New Blog: USB Core Team

The USB core team has started a new blog: They’ll be discussing about everything that is related to USB. Welcome to the blogosphere USB Team 🙂


KMDF Debugging Videos

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about our UMDF debugging videos, which were created by my teammate Abhishek. Now, I’m really excited to announce that we’ve released KMDF debugging videos, which can be found at These videos were created by my teammate Kumar. They present 3 important aspects of KMDF debugging: 1)…


WDF Logo Requirements Regarding Coinstallers

I’ve been asked many times, if a driver developer can avoid using WDF coinstallers. The answer is “yes, if the system already has the needed version of WDF installed (e.g. you want to install a WDF 1.5 driver in Vista RTM)”. So, the next question that usually comes up is “Will I be able to…


UMDF Debugging Videos

UPDATE: You can find my post about KMDF debugging videos at A while back I had written that we didn’t have any videos, where we talk about UMDF (KMDF seems to get all the glory :P). Well, now we do! My teammate, Abhishek, has created a series of tutorials that describe how to debug UMDF…


Viewing WDF Logs In Windbg

One feature that is really helpful in debugging WDF drivers is the log file that is created by the frameworks themselves. In the log files you can see many warnings and errors that are created by the framework (i.e. they come for free and the driver does not have to do anything). Did you ever…


Analyzing the Installation of WDF 1.7 and 1.9 drivers

Many months ago I had written a post analyzing the installation of WDF 1.5 drivers. Now that WDF 1.9 is almost out of the door, it’s time to do the same thing for WDF 1.7 and 1.9. The differences in the coinstallers for these 2 versions are small, so the installation experience is almost the…


How to install WDF drivers (Quick-Start)

This post is a small quick-start on how to install WDF drivers. Part 1: Installing a UMDF driver You can start with the echo sample, which is located at %WinDDK%\6001.18002\src\umdf\echo. First, you need to do a bcz in that directory. In your output directory you should see the following files: 1) WudfEchoDriver.dll: This is the…


The WDF team needs your help in ensuring compatibility

You might know that the Windows Driver Framework team is working on the next version of WDF, version 1.9, and planning to release it with Windows 7. Windows 7 will have this new version of framework built in. However, we will also provide a redistributable coinstaller so that you can install this framework on downlevel…