Driver Developer Conference – DDC 2008

Next week (9/29 - 10/1) we'll have the Microsoft Windows Driver Developer Conference (DDC) in Redmond. We're expecting several driver developers. I'm excited about this, not only because it's the first time that I'll be participating in a Microsoft conference, but also because I'll be giving a talk! Indeed, Bob Kjelgaard and I are giving a talk titled "Packaging and Deploying KMDF and UMDF drivers". Actually, a better name for the talk would be "Everything technical that you ever wanted to know about the WDF coinstallers and were afraid to ask" (yes, I actually requested to have this title, however it didn't go through 🙂 ). I think that right now the information that's externally available for the coinstallers is pretty limited. Actually, apart from the fact that "they are coinstallers and you need to have them with all your WDF drivers" and a few posts that Bob and I have written, I don't think that anything else is known about them. In our talk we'll try to show lots of light into this part of WDF.

The last several days we've been practising our talk and I'm pretty happy about it. There is enough technical information in the talk to explain all the common questions that people have and also there will be enough time in the end to answer all sorts of questions that might arise from the presentation. Also, we'll both be available to answer questions in the "Ask The Experts" session, in the panel discussion for WDF and of course we'll be talking to customers and partners in the corridors and in the halls, in order to answer the questions that they might have. I've been teasing Bob by telling him that I'll forward all the hard questions to him, however I've been really happy to work with Bob for such a long time. He's definately a really technical person and he's explaining all these advanced techniques of testing different parts of the framework that blow me away 🙂

Apart from our talk, there will be a series of presentations for WDF. I've actually sat through all the dry runs of the talks and I think that we have excellent material to present (yes, I know that it's kind of weird to praise the team that I'm part of, but I really believe it). I won't try to write down all the WDF presentations, however you can look at the agenda and the descriptions.

So, for those of you, who are coming to DDC and are interested in the WDF coinstallers, please come with all your questions and we'll be happy to answer them as best as we can!

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