WinHEC 2008 Presentations

As many of you know, WinHEC 2008 took place in Los Angeles, at the beginning of this month. I gave a presentation in the conference with Bob Kjelgaard about the WDF coinstallers and WDF logo requirements. This presentation includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the execution of the coinstallers, their contents, the methodology that we are…


Where are the WDF 1.7 RTM coinstallers?

UPDATE (10/31/2008):  We just released the Windows Server 2008/SP1 WDK, which includes the coinstallers. This WDK is versioned as 6001.18002 and can be found here. Apart from the coinstallers, this WDK also has some additional changes, which are described here. The rest of the post has instructions on how to download the 6001.18001 WDK (i.e….


A study guide for KMDF, UMDF, and Windows device driver concepts

One of the most common question that beginner driver developers ask is how they can start learning about driver development. Today, Eliyas, my manager, pointed out that we have already created a study guide that covers WDF and general Windows device driver concepts. It can be found here. I think that this self-study guide is…


Driver Developer Conference – DDC 2008

Next week (9/29 – 10/1) we’ll have the Microsoft Windows Driver Developer Conference (DDC) in Redmond. We’re expecting several driver developers. I’m excited about this, not only because it’s the first time that I’ll be participating in a Microsoft conference, but also because I’ll be giving a talk! Indeed, Bob Kjelgaard and I are giving…


Channel9 Video on Debugging BSODs

I found a very interesting channel9 video on how to debug BSODs (Blue Screens of Death): Daniel Pearson explains why blue screens happen in Windows, how a user can find the cause and how Driver Verifier works. Also, in the end he talks a little bit about how to debug applications and he shows…


Code Quality: Windows vs Linux vs FreeBSD vs Solaris

Diomidis Spinellis has written a good paper for the “30th International Conference on Software Engineering” (ICSE ’08) that looks at the code quality of the source codes of Windows (WRK – Research Kernel based on Windows Server 2003), Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. Diomidis has analyzed the source codes of these 4 kernels and uses some…


When Is WDF 1.7 RTM Coming Out?

UPDATE 10/02/2008: The WDF 1.7 RTM coinstallers were released on 4/18/2008. For more information on how to download them, please look at     Lately, I’ve been hearing the same question over and over: Where is the WDF 1.7 RTM? Many driver developers have gone to the onConnect website and there they see the…


Why Do We Need WDF Coinstallers?

Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of questions like “why do we need this bloated KMDF/UMDF coinstaller?” or “why don’t you use an msi” or “why doesn’t a WDM driver always need a coinstaller?”, etc both in some mailing lists and in emails. So, I’d like to throw some light into this issue. First of all,…


Debugging User-Mode Processes Using a Kernel-Mode Debugger

In this post I’ll try to clarify some small details, that are related to debugging a user-mode process (focusing on a UMDF driver) using a kernel-mode debugger. So, the setup is that we have a test computer, where the UMDF echo driver is running and another computer, where windbg is running and we’re using it…


Developing Windows Drivers With Visual Studio

Today morning I received an email from Patrick with a picture of Visual Studio with Intellisense on a WDF driver. Ok, I have to admit that in the beginning I thought that Patrick was using Photoshop! He’s a guy, who just doesn’t like GUIs in the first place! He can just go on and on…