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The goal of this post is to be used as a way for you to provide suggestions for introductory driver-related topics that you would like more information about. I would like to hear any suggestions that an new driver developer might have and I'll try to gather information and provide a useful analysis. So, feel free to write a comment and suggest any interesting relative topic that you might think about. Please keep in mind, though, that my main area of focus is UMDF 🙂

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  1. eran says:

    I think it will be very useful to have information about filter drivers. There are many kind of filters (FS,Storage,Bus) and their implementation details aren’t documented well.



  2. David says:

    Maybe a guide to using the KMDF nonpnp driver and application to replace many or some legacy drivers.  The auto-install of both the driver and the KMDF environment is a good thing.  It also implements wpp so how to use that feature would be a good subject to approach.  I find it useful to add some test code that is called from DriverEntry and code running in a user context from the IO or IoCtl paths.  The user mode code doesn’t even have to be changed until or unless it needs to supply information to the driver.

  3. Jason says:

    I believe that some better information relating to the development of 1394 drivers would be nice. The information on this technology is scarce, and the DDK documentation is incredibly weak. I read some great articles By Bill McKenzie on this topic at the WD-3 site, but apart from these I’ve had to claw my own way through this. Thanks,


  4. iliast says:

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


    I wish that I could help in that subject, but I also don’t know many things about filter drivers, too. Currently, I am learning about UMDF filter drivers, so I will try to write about that in the future.


    I think that this is a request for Doron Holan (, since he is blogging about KMDF. However, I think that writing about the structure of a sample UMDF driver is indeed a good idea. I’ll try to provide some further insight on how a UMDF driver is formed and go through the sample code from the WDK.


    I don’t have much experience with 1394 either. However, as UMDF is going towards 1394 I might have the opportunity to write about how 1394 will be supported by UMDF in the future. Finally, it would be nice, if you could post the links for the 1394 articles that you mentioned, so that other people who are also interested in 1394 can take a look at them.

  5. vaidi says:

    A post about "Porting Miniport Drivers to NDIS 6.0" mentioning some books to read for beginners to understand NDIS would be helpful.

  6. Subanetti says:

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  7. Amit says:

    As display driver model of vista is completely different from its predecessor, so if can post any thing which is useful to write display driver based on wddm model. And thanks for this blog, as it is very informative especially for newbie.

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  13. MichaellaS says:

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