Key Driver Concepts and Driver Development books

While looking at the traffic at the OSR ndev mailing list I saw that some introductory questions are answered in Microsoft's Key Driver Concepts page. The links in this page include (but are not limited to) information about:

Also, I would like to like to provide a brief list of the most popular books for development of windows device drivers:

Finally, for those curious/interested to learn about windows NT's history, I would like to point out the book Show Stopper! Cloth: THE BREAKNECK RACE TO CREATE WINDOWS NT AND THE NEXT GENERATION AT MICROSOFT by Pascal Zachary (1994). It is a short (around 300 pages), easy-to-read book that describes both Windows NT's creation by David Cutler (chief architect), and Microsoft's culture. The book is out of print, but it's definately worth reading.

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