[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 9 – Windows 8.1 User Exprience, User Interface Tips & Tricks

In order to have a High Quality application you should know Blend for VS2013 tips & tricks. If you’re a Windows Store XAML developer benefit from cool features of Blend for VS2013. .All demos and samples will be developed using C# and XAML.  [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLVCFYibQtM&feature=youtu.be]  Download slides, assets & code samples from below link Next session…


Windows 8 UX & Development RoadMap

Please find below Windows 8 UX & Development RoadMap and have a look at the inspirational design & resources. Windows8 RoadMap.pptx

Windows 8 Spotlight #5

· First official details regarding Windows 8.1 · RTM version of HttpClient API for Portable Libraries · Visual Studio 2013, ALM, and DevOps Fluid animations are important part of Windows 8 Development in order to increase User Experience. What about Animations will be repeated forever in an application? Here is the solution. First select Animation…

Windows 8 Spotlight #1

Hi All, I decided to send regular hot topics regarding Windows 8; new updates, resources, tips/tricks and app suggestions. Here is a quick overview and please provide me your feedbacks. What’s Hot, where you can find all latest news and upcoming global events Technical Readiness video, you’ll get a spesific detail on a selected topic…

MEA Win8 Champ Call – Microsoft Design Style

 In this session we’ll have a deep look to Microsoft Design Style, and tips & tricks for Snapping & Scaling MEA Win8 Champ Call – Microsoft Design Style from ikivanc on Vimeo.