Learn Windows 8.1 Development in 10 Steps

I would like to introduce “Windows 8.1 Development in 10 Steps” , step by step Windows 8.1 application development training series. This will be a main pillar for our Win8.1 Learning Road Map for all developers. After weekly online calls for community, I’ve compiled all recorded videos & materials in a one place. You can…


[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 10 – Windows Azure Mobile Services with Windows Store Apps

We’ve completed our Online Development Series with Windows Azure Mobile Services with Windows Store Apps. In this session we’ll see how to add a cloud-based backend service to a Windows Store app using Windows Azure Mobile Services. Using ready templates & creating new database backend for azure mobile services .All demos and samples will be…


Don’t miss MEA Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch!

If you are based in the Middle East and Africa and want to learn about the future of app development then join us this November the 19th for the launch of Visual Studio 2013 in the Middle East and Africa. We’ll be broadcasting the event live, straight from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with S….


[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 5 – Working with new Windows 8.1 Features

In this session you’ll leave with useful information regarding Windows 8.1 technical updates, System level API changes & API updates, new components and improvements on Windows 8. Using new controls such as; – Hub Control- WebView- Tiles – SearchBox- SettingFlyout, Flyout, MenuFlyout,- HyperLink- DatePicker- TimePicker- CommandBar- PDF Reader- Speech Synthesis [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UAcLfYTGlI&feature=youtu.be] Download slides, assets &…