Learn Windows 8.1 Development in 10 Steps

I would like to introduce “Windows 8.1 Development in 10 Steps” , step by step Windows 8.1 application development training series. This will be a main pillar for our Win8.1 Learning Road Map for all developers.

After weekly online calls for community, I’ve compiled all recorded videos & materials in a one place. You can find all hot features of Windows 8.1 how to integrate these features into your existing application, including Design & UX tips/tricks in a one sample.


Learning Roadmap

Windows 8.1 Development Video Series & Materials

0/  Introduction for Windows 8.1 Resources & Materials

1/  Introduction & Microsoft Design Style

2/  Development / WireFraming & StoryBoarding

3/  Tiles & Notifications

4/  System Contracts, Share, Search, Settings

5/  Working with new Windows 8.1 Features

6/  Blend for VS2013 & Animations

7/  Location based apps using Bing Maps

8/  Sensors & Media

9/  User Experience, User Interface Tips & Tricks

10/ Windows Azure Mobile Services with Windows Store Apps

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  1. Jayson V says:

    Nice! 🙂

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