[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 5 – Working with new Windows 8.1 Features

In this session you’ll leave with useful information regarding Windows 8.1 technical updates, System level API changes & API updates, new components and improvements on Windows 8.

Using new controls such as;

– Hub Control
– WebView
– Tiles
– SearchBox
– SettingFlyout, Flyout, MenuFlyout,
– HyperLink
– DatePicker
– TimePicker
– CommandBar
– PDF Reader
– Speech Synthesis


Download slides, assets & code samples from below link

Next session will be on 6th of November, Don’t forget to register free! 

Title: Windows 8.1 Blend for VS2013 & Animations

Date: 6 Nov, Wednesday

Time: 3:00PM UTC + 2 (Istanbul Time)

Description: In order to have a High Quality application you should know Blend for VS2013 tips & tricks. If you’re a Windows Store XAML developer benefit from cool features of Blend for VS2013

Link: Register from here


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