[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 4 – Windows 8.1 System Contracts, Share, Search, Settings

In this session we'll see how to integrate new Windows 8.1 System features such as Search, Share and settings into our existing applications.

Integrating Search into your existing your application with searchBox, using SearchResultPage and "Type to Search" function and clearing search history.

Share contract with basic text sharing implementation & Image sharing implementations.

Using Setting commands and SettingFlyouts.


Download slides, assets & code samples from below link

Next session will be on 30th of October, Don't forget to register free! 

Title: Working with new Windows 8.1 Features

Date: 30 Oct , Wednesday

Time: 3:00PM UTC + 2 (Istanbul Time)

Description: In this session We'll have a look at what are the key features on Windows 8.1 Such as Hub Control, Multiple Views, WebView and more…

Link: Register from here

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  1. Chuck says:

    Why in the name of any god you care to mention would you put sample code for a Windows computer in a RAR file? You can't just right click on it and send it to a zip archive? Every single Windows 8 computer out there will open a zip archive just like it does a file system but you have to do something different.

    There are hundreds of samples out on the web — I'm not downloading and installing a new program to get yours.

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