[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 5 – Working with new Windows 8.1 Features

In this session you’ll leave with useful information regarding Windows 8.1 technical updates, System level API changes & API updates, new components and improvements on Windows 8. Using new controls such as; – Hub Control- WebView- Tiles – SearchBox- SettingFlyout, Flyout, MenuFlyout,- HyperLink- DatePicker- TimePicker- CommandBar- PDF Reader- Speech Synthesis [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UAcLfYTGlI&feature=youtu.be] Download slides, assets &…


[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 4 – Windows 8.1 System Contracts, Share, Search, Settings

In this session we’ll see how to integrate new Windows 8.1 System features such as Search, Share and settings into our existing applications. Integrating Search into your existing your application with searchBox, using SearchResultPage and “Type to Search” function and clearing search history. Share contract with basic text sharing implementation & Image sharing implementations. Using Setting commands…


[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 3 – Windows 8.1 Tiles & Notifications

In this session we’ll see how to integrate new tile features (small, medium, wide and Large tiles) into our existing applications. Updating tiles with notifications, live tile feature, badges on tiles and more. Also we’ll see how to implement toast notification into existing application as well.[View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe5o2BgYuqs] Download slides, assets & code samples from below link Next session…


[Windows 8.1 Development Series] 2 – Windows 8.1 Development / WireFraming & StoryBoarding

In this session we’ll have a look at Windows 8.1 development, discovering XAML structure, basic animations, building first app. After that focusing on a idea, how to reimagine new user interface on wireframing & StoryBoarding in PowerPoint and building customized user interfaces for Windows 8.1. [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnPPUoX4HPU] Download slides, assets & code samples from below link Thanks & Regards.