Azure ARM: SQL Server High-Availability and Multi-Datacenter Disaster Recovery with Internal Load Balancers (ILB)


Introduction I already posted in my blog several articles related to high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines (VM), what I’m going to discuss in this new article is the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) evolution of the same HA/DR architecture based on AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG) and Azure Internal…


Configure an ILB listener for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Azure ARM

This blog post is essentially a porting to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) of the article below, specifically focused on Internal Azure Load Balancer (ILB), where Azure Service Manager (ASM) was originally used: Configure an ILB listener for AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Azure The steps below assume you have already configured: At least a Resource…


Multi-Terabyte SQL Server Database Backup Strategies for Azure Virtual Machines

With the advent of DS-SERIES and GS-SERIES with Premium Storage, now running big databases in Azure Virtual Machines (VM) is a reality, something that was not fully achievable until few months ago. You now have the power to run up to use up to 64 x 1TB disks and use 32 cores horse-power, with about…


Azure SQLDB and SQL Server VM – How to make an equal cost comparison

Azure SQLDB is one of my favorite technologies and I often have to talk and work with my partners around features, performances, scaling, high-availability and disaster recovery. A key part of the deal is related to the cost, sooner or later in the preliminary discussion, I always expect comments like these: “Azure SQLDB is nice, we…


SQL Server VM Disaster Recovery between AZURE and AMAZON

Some days ago, a recent article from former Microsoft employee Michael Washam ( captured my attention: Connecting Clouds – Creating a site-to-site Network with Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure Wow! Today we cannot (yet! 🙂 ) have an Azure Virtual Network/VPN crossing more than one Azure datacenter, but we can have a Virtual…


SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Group and Listener in Azure VMs: Notes, Details and Recommendations

If you are running, or going to run in the future, SQL Server inside Azure Virtual Machines, your favorite high availability solution (HA) is AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG). Focusing on SQL Server 2012, why AG is or should be your favorite solution? Well, at least for these reasons: AG provides the fastest failover time compared to…