Webcast: Building Phone Applications with Windows Azure

So, you’re building phone apps for Windows Phone 7 –maybe even iPhone/iPad – and you’re curious about what the cloud can offer.  Is it possible to deploy scalable, mobile Web applications on Windows Azure? How about storing data in the cloud?  Is it possible to use the cloud for push notifications to the device? 

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In this session you'll learn how to build WP7 applications that are backed by scalable cloud components hosted in Windows Azure. This demo-focused session will cover the end-to-end experience and address how to tackle issues such as authentication, storage, and notification using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7.

In addition, we will also have Sebastian Witzmann, CEO of Vela Entertainment, who will present what Vela has achieved by harnessing the power of Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7 to create compelling applications and services for their customers. 

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What to expect?

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