Windows Phone 7–11,500 Apps!

Windows Phone 7 recently passed the 11,500 apps mark.  

Windows Phone 7 and the Unimportance of Apps

Some additional landmarks:

  • 1.5 Million downloads of our Windows Phone Developer Tools
  • 36,000 members of the AppHub community who have become members of the Windows Phone developer community.
  • 7,500 apps that are paid in our Marketplace.
  • 1,200 newly registered developers we are adding every week
  • 1,100 apps that are generating developer revenue using the Microsoft Advertising Ad Control.
  • 12 apps that Windows Phone customers download on average every month.
  • 1.8 days that it takes an app to get certified in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.
  • 44% of the paid apps that include access to a Trial version.
  • 40% of the fully registered developer population that have published an app or game.

For more details see this blog post from the Windows 7hone Developer Blog.

Bill Zack

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