Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service Released as a Production Service

Today we are excited to announce that the Caching service has been released as a production service.  The Caching service is a distributed, in-memory, application cache service that accelerates the performance of Windows Azure and SQL Azure applications by allowing you to keep data in-memory and saving you the need to retrieve that data from…


Soundtrckr on the Microsoft News Center

Cool story today on the Microsoft News Center about Soundtrckr, one of our East Region BizSpark One startups. Check out the story below and check out Soundtrckr at Harmonic Convergence: Music and Social Networking Join Forces BizSpark One startup Soundtrckr lets listeners discover, play and share music on their terms — alongside their friends….

Take the Rock, Paper Scissors Challenge

Play weekly and find out Did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors as a kid? Does it still determine who makes the afternoon coffee run? Then you already know how to play the game. Now’s your chance to code your own player "bot" and test your skills online. Will your bot have what it takes to…


NoSQL and Windows Azure–Choices, Options and Strategies

Andrew J. Brust from Blue Badge Insights, Inc. has just published an outstandingly detailed paper on NoSQL and the features of Windows Azure that are NoSQL in nature or that are NoSQL-like. Starting with a discussion of NoSQL in general and the types of NoSQL databases (Key-Value Stores, Document Stores, Wide Column Stores and Graph…


Windows High Performance Computing – Bursting into Windows Azure

Windows® HPC Server 2008 R2 SP1 enables administrators to increase the power of the on-premises cluster by adding computational resources in Windows Azure. With the Windows Azure “burst” scenario, various types of HPC applications can be deployed to Windows Azure nodes and run on these nodes in the same way they run in on-premises nodes….


This Week on Ignition Showcase 4-19-2011

    Please forward a link for this to anyone who might be interested in the latest news and useful information about emerging Microsoft technologies. Note that they can subscribe to the full Ignition Showcase blog posts or just to the weekly summary newsletter. MIX Session now available online. Get Your MIX Fix – Now…


Get Your MIX Fix – Now Online

  Find out what you missed at this year’s event – the latest news from Internet Explorer, Windows Phone and Silverlight, great technical and UX content and more than 150 top speakers in the web community.  Stream or download video and presentation content for free here.


Executive Caddie on Windows Phone Radio

Really awesome mention of one of our favorite East region Windows Phone 7 developers – Executive Caddie. Interesting is their discussion of James Browning’s close contact with customers around new features added to the product. Check out the whole thing here: Windows Phone Radio 23 Good afternoon! Windows Phone Radio 23 is live and flowing…

Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh.  This refresh enables web developers to increase their development productivity by simplifying the iterative development process of web based hosted services. Overview: Today, the iterative development process for hosted services requires you to re-package the application and upload it to Windows…


Control Windows Azure Load Balancing and Request Routing.

The Windows Azure Traffic Manager CTP is a new feature that allows you to load balance traffic to multiple hosted services. You can choose from three load balancing methods: Performance, Failover, or Round Robin. Traffic Manager will monitor your hosted service on any http or https port you choose. If it detects your service is…