Jumpstart Client Development – New MSDN Content

New content has been release on MSDN to help jumpstart your client development.   This includes “How Do I “ videos on lighting up your Windows 7 application,  new virtual labs for Windows Phone 7 and videos regarding Silverlight, LightSwitch and Cloud.

6 Windows Phone Virtual Labs (released 01/25)

Quickly evaluate or learn how to build great applications for Windows Phone through a series of guided, hands-on labs for which can be completed in 90 minutes or less. The best part is, the MSDN Virtual Labs don’t require any installation and are available to you immediately for FREE. Start by selecting the lab you’re interested in from the list below.

·         MSDN Virtual Lab: Building your First Windows Phone 7 Application 

·         MSDN Virtual Lab: Hello Windows Phone 

·         MSDN Virtual Lab: Launchers and Choosers 

·         MSDN Virtual Lab: Using Pivot and Panorama Controls 

·         MSDN Virtual Lab: Application Lifecycle 

·         MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows Phone Navigation and Controls 


Latest Windows 7 “How Do I” videos series now live!  (released 01/18)

Increase your productivity and knowledge of Windows 7 with the help of the latest series of Windows 7 “How Do I?” videos.  These short 10- to 15-minute videos focus on specific tasks and show you how to accomplish them step-by-step. Check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when new videos are added every week.  Get started with one of the latest videos below:

·         How Do I:  Create a Custom Thumbnail for a Windows 7 Application?

·         How Do I:  Create and Overlay Icon in a Windows 7 Application? 

·         How Do I:  Create a JumpList for Common Tasks in a Window 7 Application? 

·         How Do I:  Use Multi-touch in a Windows 7 Application? 

·         How Do I:  Create Custom Thumbnails and Previews for a Windows 7 Application? 

·         How Do I:  Use a Progress Bar on an Icon in a Windows 7 Application? 

·         How Do I:  Create an Internet Explorer 9 Pinned Site in Windows 7? 


Bytes by MSDN:  What’s the word on Silverlight, LightSwitch, and Cloud?

We’ve released a number of BYTES by MSDN interviews in the past couple of weeks, including interviews with Scott Guthrie, Dave Mendlen, and Wally McClure (Founder and Architect of Scalable Development).  Check out what our industry thought leaders have to say about Silverlight, LightSwitch, and Cloud!

·         Silverlight is alive and kicking!  Watch Scott Guthrie’s interview.

·         Dave Mendlen covers the latest on Visual Studio 2010, including LightSwitch &  Intellitrace.

·         Do you believe in the Cloud? Wallace McClure, Founder and Architect of Scalable Development, does. Developers are extremely interested in the value and economies of scale that Cloud Computing can bring. Listen in!




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