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Session Overview:  Microsoft builds a variety of effective marketing material and sales tools to help you generate more sales leads. Join this Academy Live Session to learn about the NEW Cloud Power Campaign, as well as the Optimized Datacenter, Business Ready Security, and Simplify IT: Business Server campaigns.

Take your marketing efforts to the next level. Leverage Microsoft’s thru partner campaigns to ready your business, create demand with new and existing customers, and close more deals. This session will provide an overview of each campaign, and explain how to use the breadth of these materials to drive the right strategic conversations with your customers throughout the year.


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What to expect:  Academy Live webcasts are 1 hour online events for Partners and Microsoft employees using Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Connect with Microsoft and other partners; listen to Microsoft subject matter experts as they discuss their areas of expertise related to Microsoft’s sales and competitive strategy.  Learn more about Microsoft’s products (including insight into products on the launch horizon); positioning of business value to customers; sharing wins from the field and how the account team won; world class selling skills and best practice; and leveraging Microsoft resources to maximize your productivity. Webcasts for partners caters to all depths of knowledge. 

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