Azure MVP Updates Design Patterns Resource

David Pallmann was the first Windows Azure MVP awardee. He has just updated his Azure Design Patterns web site after a major overhaul.

A design pattern is a reusable solution in software design. Design patterns are not invented, but rather discovered by usage in many successful application implementations.  Using proven design patterns is an excellent way to avoid the grief of bad design choices in your applications. In fact many bad design choices can result in anti-patterns which should be carefully avoided.

David’s site catalogues the design patterns of the Windows Azure Platform. (These patterns will also be covered in extended detail in his upcoming book, The Azure Handbook.)

The pattern groups that are or will be covered include:

  • Compute Patterns
  • Storage patterns
  • Communications Patterns
  • Security patterns
  • Relational Data Patterns
  • Network Patterns 


For all ISV architects and developers that are implementing a new application or moving an existing application in whole or in part to Windows Azure this is an excellent resource.

Bill Zack

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