Leveraging Data Warehousing Appliances

A Free Virtual Seminar Focused on Next-Generation Data Warehousing Appliance Architectures

Join us on Nov. 16th for the can't miss "Leveraging Data Warehousing Appliances for High-Performance BI" Virtual Seminar!

As budgets languish, data growth balloons and business demand intensifies, BI and data warehousing professionals are under immense pressure to squeeze every last dollar of value from existing investments, while providing 24/7 access to mission-critical business information. That's the bad news.

The good news is you're invited to join renowned visionaries Bill Inmon (the father of data warehousing) and William McKnight (leading information management consultant), for our LIVE, interactive virtual seminar on November 16th - designed to help you leverage next-generation data warehousing technologies for maximum gain.

Registration opens TODAY, and we'll fast-track your request to attend when you click here.

This free, one-day virtual seminar explores best practice strategies for building a flexible, integrated information architecture capable of supporting the accelerated BI performance required to succeed in today’s global economic climate.

Attend this LIVE virtual seminar to gain insight on how to:

· Improve the ROI of existing BI investments

· Expand your data warehouse (DW) scalability from tens to hundreds of terabytes

· Enhance business agility and alignment with a hub-and-spoke DW architecture design

· Improve mission-critical application performance at a lower price per terabyte

· Incorporate standard hardware components from a number of vendors including Bull, EMC, HP and Intel.

WHAT: Leveraging Data Warehousing Appliances for High-Performance BI
WHEN: Tuesday, November 16th 2010 - 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM (EDT)
WHERE: LIVE from your desktop!
WHO: BI managers, data warehousing and information management professionals, IT managers, business/data analysts, etc.
Check out the seminar agenda below:

9:00 AM - Doors Open: Set up your profile and begin networking! (Networking Lounge Open)
9:15 AM - Keynote Presentation Featuring Bill Inmon:
Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing and DW Appliances - Evolving Together
10:00 AM
- Live Q&A with Bill Inmon (Microsoft Booth)
10:15 AM - Exhibit Hall Open
10:30 AM - Microsoft Session: Parallel Data Warehouse Overview (Val Fontama and Mark Theisson)
11:00 AM - Live Q&A Featuring Microsoft's Val Fontama and Mark Theisson (Microsoft Booth)
11:15 AM - Networking Lounge Open, Prize Giveaway
11:30 AM - HP and Microsoft: Mission-Critical Applications Made Simple to Speed Business Advantage
12:00 PM - Live Q&A Featuring HP's Jeff Spiller (HP Booth)
12:15 PM - Networking Lounge, Exhibit Hall Open
12:30 PM - Expert Presentation Featuring William McKnight:
Strategies for Consolidating Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Marts into a Single Platform
1:00 PM
- Live Q&A with William McKnight
1:15 PM - Networking Lounge Open, Prize Giveaway
1:30 PM - Doors Close

This unique, online event offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn how Microsoft's Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) is poised to become the infrastructure of choice for companies seeking to build the most advanced form of data warehouse and analytical architectures – DW 2.0.

Also, learn how to achieve significant cost savings by incorporating standard hardware components from top Microsoft partners to create an integrated data warehousing environment consisting of software and hardware working together for superior BI performance.

Click here to automatically reserve your seat and gain immediate access to this exclusive virtual seminar.

We look forward to hosting you LIVE on November 16th!

Ashish Jaiman

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