Microsoft Ignition Showcase Update 11.08.10

Ignition Showcase

Why Ignition Showcase?

Ignition Showcase is a site focused on building and enhancing the vibrant ecosystem of Independent Software Vendors and start-ups on the Microsoft platform.  The goal of Ignition Showcase is to bring together the right people and experiences from across Microsoft to provide ISVs with the resources they need to create new opportunities on our emerging technologies.  Through briefings, readiness programs, social networking, blogs, and other events, we hope to empower partners to succeed on the Microsoft platform. Stay tuned to our blog for info on resources and activities! 

Some examples of ISV focused posts that you will find here are this one which discusses the major new Windows Azure Platform announcements that were made at PDC and this one on how to submit your new Windows Phone applications to the Application Marketplace.

Additionally we will be showcasing your great work by highlighting your solutions and successes on the site.    An example of one such success is the start-up Localytics releasing real-time analytics for Windows Phone 7.



Silverlight has a Bright Future!

At our PDC conference last month Bob Muglia, President of the Microsoft Server and Tools Division talked about the great work we are doing with Silverlight and discussed it’s future.  Because Bob explained that we support the development of a standard for HTML5 and are actively including it as part of IE9 some members of the press jumped to the conclusion that the statement indicated that Silverlight was somehow dead.  In fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Click HERE to learn more.



WP7 LgogWhich Windows Phone 7 phone are you buying?

Windows Phone 7 Specs

      ATT first one             ATT Quantam            HTC PHone             HTC Surround           WP7 last phone                

  Samsung Focus   LG Quantum       HTC Surround    t mobileDell

Windows Phone 7 Updates!
Windows Phone 7 Logo
$99 Rebate* for your Windows Phone 7 Apps for MPR!

Windows Phone 7 Application Submission Now Open!

Updated Windows Phone 7 Resources

Windows Phone 7 Hits the US.

Windows Phone 7 Analytics with Dotfuscator
Why Bother to Sign Up for Microsoft Platform Ready?

Windows Azure Updates!

Azure Logo

10 Applications You Can Move to the Cloud Now!

1.   Email
2.   Conferencing
3.   CRM
4.   Web Hosting
5.   Development Test Labs
6.   Video Hosting
7.   Email Security
8.   Common Application Components
9.   Basic Office Applications
10. Batch Processing Applications

Need a little Cache?

Coordinating Work Between Role Instances

Startup Partner ShowcaseStartup Logo
Localytics is Now Available for Windows Phone 7

Boston-based BizSpark startup Localytics has made their real-time analytics platform available for Windows Phone 7. Localytics helps mobile application developers gain deep insights about user behavior to make smarter business decisions.

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