How ISVs can take advantage of the Windows Azure Platform for developing Software as a Service solutions

FabrikamShipping SaaS is an end to end sample scenario which demonstrates how to take advantage of the Windows Azure platform for developing and running software as a service solutions.

Join Vittorio for a 30 minutes grand tour of the demo structure, the patters it implements, and the ways in which you can explore the scenario through the online demo instance and the source code package.

The demo offers 2 subscription levels: Enterprise and Small Business.

Small Business:

    • In order to create a Small Business subscription all you need is a browser and a LiveID (and/or Google) account. That’s what I would suggest to start with.


  • Offers more advanced features, such as exclusive use of resources (as opposed to the shared resources regimen in multitenant systems: watch the video for more details) and single sign on with on-premises identity providers. As a result, creating and consuming an enterprise edition subscription has some requirements on the client.
  • In order to help you to experience an enterprise subscription we pre-provisioned a tenant, AdventureWorks, and stored in the companion package all the necessaries for consuming the application instance and call its OData services. Download the companion, read the (brief) instructions and try the thrill of being an AdventureWorks employee for a day!


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