Social Computing

Computing is about leveraging ‘computers’ and to make us more efficient and agile so we can be more effective and productive in our lives.

Social computing takes the same concepts and brings architecture of participation and community to make our lives better.

We can collaborate better, we can track better and certainly improve our experiences and skills on how and what we do.

Community comes together and creates markets which were nonexistent, new business models are evolving and the way business is done is changing as well. The innovations happen from bottom up rather than top down via participation and collaboration.

The phenomena of social computing is used mostly in consumer scenarios, enterprises are still way behind to take advantage of the participative and collaborative nature of social computing.

There is the opportunity to make the enterprise more agile and effective by encouraging social behaviors via web amongst employees and customers.

Social computing is delivering rich experiences via software + services which encourages participation and collaboration to create better life for all.


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