DWG (Autocad) Filter is now available.

I'm pleased to announce that after a lot of trails and tribulations, the DWG IFilter is finally ready. Those who have been following the posts by Marco and myself under Chronicles of an IFilter development must be curious to know as to what the end result was. Well, here's the latest on the topic in Marco's own words:

CAD & Company would like to introduce you to the DWG IFilter 2007, our newest version of DWG IFilter. This release is our answer to the changing search and indexing needs with DWG and DXF files.


Why this release? At CAD & Company, the DWG IFilter has been available for some time now. Due to evolution in Microsoft Search technology and the continuing progress in the DWG file format, we needed to add some new features to the IFilter to support these changes. In addition to these technical improvements to the product, DWG IFilter 2007 makes the installation easier than ever before by including a one-click support to register with SharePoint 2007 (MOSS & WSS) and SQL Server 2005 FTS. DWG IFilter 2007 will also support the 2007 and 2008 AutoCAD DWG file types in addition to previous versions of DWG file types.


What is an IFilter? An IFilter generally allows your search and search indexing product to access a certain file type; and for non-Microsoft file types you will need a non-Microsoft IFilter.


Will DWG IFilter 2007 improve desktop searching? With DWG IFilter 2007, you will easily be able to add AutoCAD DWG files to your desktop search results. DWG IFilter 2007 can be used with any popular desktop tool, including Microsoft Windows Desktop Search.


Will DWG IFilter 2007 work with Microsoft SharePoint? DWG IFilter 2007 adds DWG and DXF content search to your SharePoint sites in just one click! Depending on your version, you can extend the scope of the SharePoint search to include network shares, intranet sites and Microsoft Exchange Public folders, making search an incredibly powerful tool to locate all your files.


The DWG IFilter 2007 will enable your search tool to serve as a quick index to all your DWG files. Depending on your search tool, your results list will include a “teaser” which displays the extracted text surrounding your search terms. This makes locating the right DWG file faster and easier than ever before.


Please visit www.dwgifilter.com to download your free trial and find out more about DWG IFilter 2007!


For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at ifilter@cadcompany.nl.



Kind Regards,


Marco van Schagen

DWG IFilter Team



CAD & Company

Postbus 37218

1030 AE Amsterdam

the Netherlands

T +31 20 494 66 66, F +31 20 494 66 67



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  1. I'm pleased to announce that after a lot of trails and tribulations, the DWG IFilter is finally ready

  2. Sandra Cooper says:

    Well it’s mid-July and there’s been no announcement yet about the downloadable beta ifilter pack, but we are monitoring this website closely for any new information.

    The August release date will be here in 2 weeks!  Thank goodness for Microsoft!  It makes you feel good when you adopt the technology of a business (Microsoft) that provides firm release dates to the community, and makes good on those commitments.

    This filter pack will help our customers A LOT!

  3. Desperate Housewive says:

    Apart from the long-awaited, fixed OCR Ifilter I wonder whether this filter pack will also include an updated WDS3-compatible JNT Ifilter?

    One of the greatest features of the whole Tablet PC thingy (for which MS received raving reviews at least in the German press) was the ability to index and search across handwritten notes with Windows Indexing Service, later Windows Desktop Search. With the advent of WDS3, this does no longer work in Windows XP and this even seems to be true for the brand-new flagship Vista. It’s a shame and I’m pretty much disappointed how Microsoft disregards and finally drops cutting-edge technology that significantly contributed to productivity.

  4. Deb Haldar says:

    Unfortunately we’ll not be shipping a JNT filter with the first version of the filter pack.

  5. Kalypsa Nors says:

    One week until August and the filter Pack .MSI …. We can’t wait!

  6. leo2 says:

    I am in process of creating a sharepoint installation for 50000 users.It will be a knowledge management system for a big company.I need to understand as why do i need DWG IFilter when Adode8 and adobe6 filers(as mentioned in the previous entries on this blog).

    Can somebody(prefeably not from DWG) please chart down the advantages of DWG ovver adode Ifilter.

    Also this 64 bit tag is ralated to new adobe format or is it that new windows server runs on 64 bit technology

  7. leo2 says:

    I am sorry about my earlier post.

    I thought DWG as an IFilter for pdf files.

    Didn’t knew that it is a autocad file extension.

    Please ignore my earlier post.

  8. marco says:


    Please feel free to ask me anything related to our DWG IFilter 2007 at my personal email or at ifilter@cadcompany.nl.

    Regards, Marco

  9. Nancy L. Canderstone says:

    Any news on the filter pack?

    Someone on here said it was released in August, if so where do we download it?


  10. Deb Haldar says:

    Unfortunately, we’ll not be able to release it in August as initially planned. We’re working on the new ETA.



  11. Bill says:

    Is there any further news on the Filter Pack? What is it likely to contain? Is it going to be suitable for deployment on MOSS 2007? SPS 2003? SQL 2005? Desktop Search?

    We have deployed a product that relies on SQL 2005 Full Text serach for it’s indexing capability. Should we still be installing all the individual IFilters we can find (often with the associated app) on our servers, or is it worth waiting to see what is in the pack and how it is deployed?

  12. Deb Haldar says:

    It’s not concretized yet, but the Filter pack will likely contain the following filters:

    Zip, xlsb, pptx,xlsx,docx,oneNote,visio and TIFF.

    Yes, it’ll be compatiable with all MS Search products.

    Bill,whether to install the filters individually is strictly your decision, you should do what makes more business sense. Even if you install individual filters, you can always upgrade to the latest version provided by the filter pack when it is available.



  13. Rick Jones says:

    What’s going on with this AutoCAD IFilter (DWGFilt.DLL).  This file and the company that created (CAD & Company) seems to have gone off the map.  Are there any alternatives?  I’m having trouble finding an ifilter than can pull text data from AutoCad files.

  14. marcovanschagen says:

    Hi Rick;

    We at CAD & Company are still around. On top of that, have you seen our new 2007 verstion of the DWG IFilter? It supports the 2008 DWG filetype and it now supports stream filtering as required for both Vista and MOSS. We are working to also add related DWG to SharePoint integration info to the support site.

    Please look us up at http://www.dwgifilter.com – and download your 60 day trial version (desktop and server).

    You are welcome to send us any tips to be more visible; we have never gone off the map (as far as I know..)

  15. Rick Jones says:

    Ok, thanks for the response.  I think there must be something on my company’s firewall that blocks access to the http://www.dwgifilter.com site.  I tried the link from my personal ip and it works fine.  Thanks a bunch.

  16. carlos huinac salanic says:

    necesito para abtir la pajina de autocad

  17. Ross Bateup says:

    When opening a drawing from within Autocad does the Ifilter cover the attachments of Xrefs and their updates as Xref’s are changed.



  18. Marcovanschagen says:

    DWG IFilter 2007 does not follow the links into the attached XRefs to add more text to the DWG file. It does list all the names, locations of the XRef referenced files, so you should be able to search all DWGs referencing a particulair XRef.

    An IFilter is activated by the search/indexing tool, which can detect file change and decide to re-index the changed files; like WDS, SharePoint. AutoCAD itself does not use the IFilter.

    Feel free to send your questions to ifilter@cadcompany.nl


    Marco van Schagen / CAD & Company / http://www.dwgifilter.com / ifilter@cadcompany.nl

  19. andrew wiseman says:

    When is an ocr ifilter going to become available? I have projects on hold because of it.

  20. David Rettig says:

    Own it.  Cannot get support.  Anyone else having this problem?

  21. rajeshontheweb says:

    the website says it has been withdrawn, is there a way to retrieve info from AutoCAD Drawings now?

  22. MattB says:


    We have just release an IFilter for AutoCAD DWG files.

    Download from here:


    Product information:

    Search text inside DWG format CAD files using Microsoft® Desktop Search (Windows Search) or on the server products: Office SharePoint Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007, Search Server 2008, SharePoint Services v3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2008.

      * 60 Day Fully Functional Free Trial Version

      * DWG Versions Through 2010 Supported

      * Searches Inside DWG Text and MText objects

      * Looks for Text in Model and Layout Tabs

      * Attributes are Fully Indexed

      * AutoCAD® (or any CAD program) Not Required

      * Both 32-bit and 64-bit Native Installations Available

    Please contact us if you have any questions.


    Thank you,

    Matt Brown

    Ransdell & Brown, Inc

  23. Peter says:


    http://www.dwgifilter.com seem to be dead. Who knows what happened?


  24. sonia says:

    okhe, now  new version of DWG IFitter has been released.  For more conversions you can see the sites http://www.formatconversion.biz.

  25. Alex says:

    Take a look at Vitro DWG IFilter — http://www.vitro-cad.ru

    Works perfect for me

  26. dannybreds says:

    You may apply dwg fix it would be very effective for working with dwg files


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