Extending SQL Server 2005 full text search with custom IFilters and IWordBreakers.

Shajan, one of our development leads, wrote this wonderful article about integrating custom IFilters and IWordBreakers to extend SQL Server Full-Text search. The article describes authoring and installing Filters and Wordbreakers for SQL Server 2005. If you're having trouble deploying your IFilters or IWordBreakers on SQL Server 2005, this article is a must read !




Comments (2)

  1. Alex Ovchinnikov says:

    Hello guys! Do you have any ideas how to register managed( c# ) IFliter for SQL Server 2005 – my component pass all your tests but I cannot register it under SQL Server 2005

    Thanks Alex

    reply ovchinnikov@gmail.com

  2. Deb Haldar says:

    Alex, I’d recommend posting this topic directly to the author (Shajan’s blog) of this article or to John here:


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