IE9 Coming to Windows Phone in 2011

By now, you’ve probably heard today’s announcement at this year’s Mobile World Congress that we are bringing IE9 to Windows Phone later this year. If not, you can read and learn more about the announcement here and here.

Having the same core browsing engine on both Windows Phone and Windows Desktop is a dramatic step forward for our Web developer platform. We have worked closely with the IE9 team to ensure that mobile Web developers can take advantage of the same benefits that IE9 brings to the desktop – hardware-accelerated HTML5 graphics and video, rich support for today’s modern Web standards like CSS3, Geolocation, DOM Storage, SVG, HTML5 Canvas and video, and ECMAScript 5, and the ability to create highly interoperable sites and Web applications using the principle of “same markup”.

We didn’t stop there, of course – we made sure that mobile Web developers can use the must-have mobile technologies they’ve come to rely on, such as full support for the Viewport tag, data:// URIs, and rich implementation of CSS Media Queries. With IE9 on Windows Phone, Web developers will be able to build highly engaging, interoperable Web sites across the mobile and desktop spectrum.

In the coming months, we’ll have much more to say about IE9 on Windows Phone, and we’re very much looking forward to continuing the conversation with all of you and hearing your feedback. The entire team is incredibly excited about the work we’ve done and we can’t wait for all of you to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and begin creating incredible mobile Web sites on Windows Phone!

Joe Marini
Principal Program Manager, Windows Phone

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  1. Typhoon87 says:

    Will a build also be forked for a Zune HD firmware upgrade to allow it to have most if not all of the same functionality? While I realize you dont build the HD firmware if you start fragmenting your browser devs will have issues building consitant sites on all MS devices. Think IE 6 all over again.  Please dont let it happen.

  2. @Typhoon87: We haven't made any announcements yet around Zune upgrades. I would imagine that's up to the Zune team.

  3. slyi says:

    Will JS touch events be supported/planned ? eg: TouchStart, TouchMove & TouchEnd

  4. Mark says:

    Is the new Internet Explorer UI shown at shown at Mobile World Congress simply used for demo or is this the new Internet Explorer UI?

    I am not thrill that the address bar is now that at the bottom. Accessing the tabs and favorites now require that I use the pull-up menu.…/02-14MWC_IEMobile_print.jpg

  5. @slyi: No, not in this release. They are not yet standardized, but we are closely tracking them.

    @Mark: We haven't yet announced the final UI. We appreciate the feedback!

  6. Shi Chuan says:

    Will there be conditional comments like <!–[if IEMobile 9]>  for IE9 on mobile?

  7. Steve says:

    Are there any plans to include css features which aren't supported in desktop IE9?

    ie: text shadow, gradient backgrounds, CSS3 transitions

  8. Rik says:

    No touch events? I thought you guys were working with the Phonegap guys to make stuff like that work? It's essential for the HTML5 dev community..

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