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Hello everyone! I’d like to start off by introducing myself – I’m Joe Marini, and I’m a Principal PM here on the Windows Phone team. Among the things I’m responsible for is driving our mobile Web developer strategy and engagement, and that includes reaching out to all of you. I’m going to kick that off by reviving our IE Mobile blog here and using it to disseminate information about Windows Phone IE, mobile Web development topics, sample code, etc.

Now that we have announced Windows Phone 7 and our designer/developer tools, I hope you’ve had a chance to download them from http://developer.windowsphone.com/windows-phone-7-series/ and try them out. The tools include a great Windows Phone emulator that comes with IE pre-installed, ready for you to start creating great Rich Mobile Web sites.

I’ve just returned from MIX 2010, where I gave a presentation called Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web. You can find the presentation here, if you are interested. The sample code should be up shortly.

We’ll be posting more information here on the blog as it becomes available. You can also follow me on Twitter (I’m joemarini) to stay up to date on our Rich Mobile Web efforts.


It’s great to be back!


Joe Marini

Principal Program Manager


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  1. lfernandes says:


    Nice presentation at MIX. It’s really great that microsoft made available the MIX videos, nice learning experience.

    Hope you can answer me a question…

    I’m developing a webapp (it’s in the URL of my comment) that I wish it could be viewed by almost all smartphones. It currently runs on the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, N900 (firefox..) and Opera Mobile 10 (for Symbian and WM6.x). I was really pleased to see that IE mobile has improved, and wanted it to work with my webapp.

    I’m using jQuery and jQtouch library. Unfortunately, the jqtouch links don’t even work..

    So my question, is there a debug console or something that I can use to debug this?


  2. I haven’t had a chance to dig deeply into jQtouch, but we’re working closely with them and the other major JS library developers to ensure a good development experience on Windows Phone.

    I suspect that it’s not working because jQTouch is depending on touch events that we have not yet implemented (but again, I’m not sure).

    We won’t have a debug console in our first IE Mobile release, but we are looking closely at this for future releases. In the meantime, I would suggest you use the UA Picker extension for IE Desktop to receive mobile content, and debug using the built-in tools on the desktop.

    Alternatively, you can pretty quickly build up a console-like window using script and div tags.

  3. lfernandes says:

    Thanks for the answer!

    At first I didn’t develop the app in the phones themselves, i’ve started with Safari and the inspector tool. Because the mobile and desktop version are similar in the rendering and javascript engine, first I developed in the desktop browser, and then gone to the mobile. I also did that in firefox (had to use 3.6 beta).

    So I have a new question, witch IE engine most closely matches the rendering of the mobile version? and the what about the javascript engine?

    In the meantime, i’ll try to come up with something for the debugging =) (this is mostly a home project, that’s why I haven’t had more time to check this out)

  4. lfernandes says:

    I found out what was the problem with jQTouch. It’s the default "type", IE does not like "application/x-javascript", but if we put "text/javascript" it does initialize and work!

    I saw that the User-Agent said Trident 3.1, so it means it’s somewhere between IE7 and IE8. I tested in IE8 and made it sort of work.

    I now only have a big issue that I don’t know if I can overcome: border-image css3 value.. without it there’s "no buttons". Also border-radius would have made things a lot prettier =)

  5. Ah, yes, that makes sense. I believe we’re fixing that. Have you also had a chance to check out the IE9 platform preview? We’re hard at work implementing a LOT of CSS3 support.

  6. lfernandes says:

    I’ve posted a little of my findings in a blog post, here http://blog.lvengine.com/articles/windows-phone-7-iemobile-and-jqtouch and I think I need to start working in a new css for jqtouch specially for WP7…

    Yes i’ve checked the IE9 platform preview. It’s really nice you are implementing CSS3 support, and specially the html5 video tag and the new javascript engine! But this "mobile webapp" isn’t suposed to work in a desktop browser, for that we have the full website =)

    Related to IE9 platform preview, it does crash our backoffice with a memory error, but out backoffice is a little bit of a JS Code Mess(TM), so it’s hard to submit a bug report regarding that error, and we don’t have a lot of resources unfortunately..

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