Handling Mixed (HTTPS/HTTPS) Content

Update: IE9 includes improved handling of Mixed Content. Click to learn more… Background As we developed Internet Explorer 8, we spent quite a bit of time pondering what to do about IE7’s infamous “Mixed Content” warning prompt:     As I noted on the IEBlog four years ago, the mixed content warning occurs when a…


Bugs in IE8’s Lookahead Downloader

All bugs mentioned in this post are now fixed.  Internet Explorer has a number of features designed to render pages more quickly. One of these features is called the “Lookahead Downloader” and it’s used to quickly scan the page as it comes in, looking for the URLs of resources which will be needed later in the rendering…


Why Won’t IE Remember My Login Info?

Over on the Microsoft Answers forum, some folks have reported that Internet Explorer doesn’t remember their login details. This is a tricky problem to troubleshoot because there are a number of different problems which get lumped together under this description, and there are a number of different causes for each problem. Let’s break down the…


Download Speed in the IE9 Download Manager

One of the common questions we’ve received about IE9’s new download manager is “Where’s the download speed”?” The answer is that the download speed is shown in a tooltip over the download completion percentage, like so: Upon hearing this, some  subset of beta testers have requested that we move this information out to the top-level….


Q&A: 64-Bit Internet Explorer

From time to time, folks ask a variety of questions about 64bit IE.  I hope to answer the most common questions here. NEW: Internet Explorer 10+ uses x64 in a fundamentally different way than IE7, IE8, and IE9, the versions for which the post below was written. By default, IE10+’s frame/manager process runs at 64bit,…


Internet Explorer Cookie Internals (FAQ)

Over the five years I’ve worked on Internet Explorer, I’ve probably seen more questions from the community about HTTP cookies than on any other topic. Cookies are an integral component of most websites in use today, and hence problems or unexpected behaviors with cookies tend to get a lot of attention. In this post, I’ll…


What I’d like to see in IE12

As the holidays approach, I’ve decided to publish my “wishlist” for the next version of Internet Explorer. I’ve been pretty good this year, so hopefully the IE team will deliver some of these presents. 🙂 Please remember: I’m just an MVP, and I don’t have any magic powers that would guarantee that any of my…


Understanding Enhanced Protected Mode

Last week, Andy Zeigler announced the introduction of Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) over on the IEBlog. In today’s post, I’d like to provide further technical details about EPM to help security researchers, IT professionals, enthusiasts, and developers better understand how this feature works and what impact it may have on scenarios they care about. Internet…


Internet Explorer Cannot Download https://something

Earlier today, I was asked to troubleshoot a secure site where file downloads were always failing. Having seen this problem many times often over the years, I immediately suspected that the web developer wasn’t aware that if a user tries to download* a file over a HTTPS connection, any response headers that prevent caching will…


IE9 RC Minor Changes List

Back in September, I published a list of minor changes in IE9 Beta. In today’s post, I will provide an updated list of things that have changed in the IE9 Release candidate. Note: This list also includes a few changes that were present in Beta that I didn’t mention at that time. Of course, because…