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A random collection of noteworthy links:

Spartan PM Jacob Rossi wrote about the new Project Spartan rendering engine.

Spartan Developer Justin Rogers has a great new blog on development in general, including some tantalizing posts on evolving the Spartan codebase.

Windows 10 build 9926 has been released; Spartan is not yet in it, but you can enable the new EdgeHTML engine using the about:flags page; set the Experimental Flag to Enabled. Included in the build are support for HSTS, HTTP Live Streaming, Video Tracks, DOM L3 XPath, and improved developer tools make an appearance.

EdgeHTML includes support for Content Security Policy, a powerful technology to defang XSS and content-injection attacks. David Risney recently released a Content Security Policy rule generator extension for Fiddler. Surf your site with Fiddler running and this extension will compute the appropriate CSP rules for your site.

-Eric Lawrence

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  1. Vitor Canova says:

    I wonder how long until EdgeHTML.dll is used instead of MSHTML.dll in products that render HTML like Help Visualizers, Outlook and so on.

    [EricLaw] I strongly suspect that the answer is that MSHTML will be used for Web Browser Control hosting applications indefinitely. It's possible that some future update will allow applications to opt-in to using EdgeHTML for WebOC content, but I strongly suspect that a key differentiator for EdgeHTML is a complete replacement of the COM object model that was present in MSHTML and upon which some applications take dependencies.

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