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These days, I struggle to find time to keep up with all of the tech news, but there are a few streams I make a special effort to stay on top of.

Ex-Internet Explorer Dave Risney posts items of interest about URIs, web standards, FiddlerCore and myriad other interesting goodies over on his blog.

The FDCC blog and has a set of posts about IE, including a useful utility (IEZoneAnalyzer) for analyzing the a computer's Security Zone configuration.

Internet Explorer relies upon Windows’ underlying cryptography libraries and data-stores (e.g. SChannel, CAPI) in order to implement its HTTPS support. Nasko (@naskooskov) was a super-knowledgeable developer on the Windows Security team who moved over to Google a while ago. He blogs about TLS, certificates, and other interesting topics over at

Alejandro Campos Magencio wrote a large number of super-helpful posts on Certificate and Crypto issues (in both .NET and Native code) over at His CryptoAPI Tracing Script is especially useful. He's now a developer evangelist.

Senior Escalation Engineer Jeff Sanders has lots of interesting code snippets and insights over on his blog. Eric Lippert has mostly moved onto other technologies, but he's got a lot of great older articles on scripting-related topics. The Windows Networking Team's blog has some interesting posts, although it is rarely updated.

Ex-IE developer Jeff Davis posted a bunch of IE content on his MSDN blog before he moved on to work on browser add-ons elsewhere. As far as I can tell, he’s on a mission to answer all the add-on related questions on StackOverflow and MSDN.

Chrome developer Mike Belshe often has interesting things to say, as does Firefox’s Gervase Markham, and Opera’s Yngve Pettersen. Web Performance Guru Steve Souders also has a blog, although he’s famous enough that I usually get multiple “Did you see this?” emails every time he posts anything. 🙂

Jeff Atwood and (ex-IE Program Manager) Scott Berkun don't blog about browsers often, but they often have amusing and insightful posts. XKCD is an indispensible source of wit, particularly when poking fun at people like me. Raymond Chen and Mark Russinovich are among my tech-blogging heroes.

I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite source of browser-related insights!

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  1. Jeff Davis says:

    Except the C# ones.  🙂

  2. ken says:

    I like this article, and that is one of my all-time favorite XKCD's…

    Here's some in my RSS that I don't think you mentioned, and while not explicitly "browser" blogs they are all web-dev….and I wish there was some simple formatting options available here, because this is going to get real messy.


    – IE blog @

    – JScript blog….deprecated? 🙁 @…/jscript

    – Fabulous Adventures In Coding @…/ericlippert


    – IBM Developerworks [web] @…/web

    – Chromium blog @

    – Chrome blog @

    – John Resig @…/blog

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