Missing Download Manager Window?

A few IE9 Beta users have reported that IE will not display the download manager window. When they press CTRL+J or click the View Downloads button on the download notification bar, nothing appears to happen.

This is related to corruption of the download history, and can be easily fixed via the following procedure:

Click Delete Browsing History from the Gear>Safety menu:


Untick the Preserve Favorites website data box and tick the Download History box, then click the Delete button:


Restart all instances of IE and press CTRL+J. The download manager should appear.


Comments (3)

  1. Luis Matoso says:

    I did have the same problem and until i have found the solution it was a ward time. Nevertheless, I'm loving IE9 and even in beta it´s my primary browser. Much more nice and faster than firefox or chrome. congratulations for the job and i wish you keep improvement IE9.

  2. jayp says:

    Thanks Eric – I had assumed that this was because I'm using IE9 beta on Windows Server 2008. Good to know there is an easy solution.

  3. Ugh says:

    Stupid download manager.  I have to jump to another browser just to download as it takes FOREVER for download manager to even tell me it has STARTED the download… Love IE9… HATE the Download Manager!

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