File Download and Filenames

Several months ago, I blogged about IE’s support for International Filenames on Downloads. Today’s post is a bit simpler and describes two cases when IE may rename downloaded files. Filename Extension and QueryString Parameters If a file download HTTP response does not contain a Content-Disposition header, Internet Explorer will determine the filename from the URL. This may…


Challenge-Response Authentication and Zero-Length Posts

From time-to-time, web developers contact the IE team reporting that they’ve encountered a problem whereby Internet Explorer submits a POST but fails to transmit the content body. This bodyless POST indicates via the Content-Length header that the POST is zero-bytes long, regardless of how much data was supposed to be uploaded. This behavior occurs on…


Missing Download Manager Window?

A few IE9 Beta users have reported that IE will not display the download manager window. When they press CTRL+J or click the View Downloads button on the download notification bar, nothing appears to happen. This is related to corruption of the download history, and can be easily fixed via the following procedure: Click Delete Browsing…


SOCKS Proxies in Internet Explorer

We recently had a report over on the IEBlog that SOCKS proxies are not supported by IE9 Beta. That observation is correct, and a regression from prior versions of Internet Explorer; IE9 Beta simply ignores the SOCKS proxy if one is specified in the Internet Control panel. Update: This regression, introduced in IE9 Beta, was…


Showing more sites on about:tabs

By default, IE9 will show 2 rows of your favorite sites on the about:tabs homepage. However, you can customize IE9 to show up to 5 rows with a simple registry modification. Inside the NewTabPage registry key, create a REG_DWORD named NumRows, with a value of 2 to 5. Or, simply merge one of the following…


Google Image Search and IE9 Beta

One of the commonly reported bugs on Connect is that Google Image Search shows grey boxes for some of the images in IE9 Beta. I had a quick look at the site this afternoon, and I can easily reproduce the problem, as you can see in the screenshot below. Now, I tend to debug things…


The Hazards of Relying upon Browser Quirks

While many web developers find subtle browser behaviors baffling, often browser developers are bewildered by web content. Yesterday, we ran into an interesting site compatibility problem that occurs in the latest internal version of IE9. The site in question is a popular site which uses a Flash applet as a major component of the site. Upon attempting…


Download Speed in the IE9 Download Manager

One of the common questions we’ve received about IE9’s new download manager is “Where’s the download speed”?” The answer is that the download speed is shown in a tooltip over the download completion percentage, like so: Upon hearing this, some  subset of beta testers have requested that we move this information out to the top-level….


How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta

If you want to remove Internet Explorer 9 beta from your computer and go back to your older version of IE, you can do so by simply following these steps.


IE9 Beta Minor Changes List

In every release of the browser, we make many major feature investments, most of which you can read about in posts over on the IEBlog. However, we also make thousands of small improvements that are often overlooked or not broadly recognized. In this post, I will provide a partial list of some of these small…