Nine is a number that’s been on my mind quite a lot lately, so it’s fitting that it’s now 09:09:09 on 09/09/09.

I’m eager to write more about Nine here in the future, and I know from the comments that this is a subject of interest to many. For now, this post will serve as a collection point for folks to share their wishes for Nine.


Comments (5)

  1. Good jumping off point, Eric.  My wishes have dwindled drastically since the releases of 7 & 8.  However, I’d still love to see more CSS support (rounded corners to name one item).

    Looking forward to the next iteration…

  2. Thomas says:

    Wow! right at the second 🙂

    Good post about the cookie implementation.

  3. Matt Sharpe says:

    IE9 needs to be (very) fast, and have a nice clean UI… see: Chrome 😉

  4. Stephen E. Baker says:

    In IE 9 I would like DOM 2 Events.  All the code duplication to support IE’s event model (attachEvent) as well as the hacks I have to use to get around the lack of capture vs bubble are time consuming and annoying.  I think this also fits into the IE 8 philosophy of completely implementing current standards rather than chasing future concepts from CSS 3 and HTML 5.

  5. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Stephen: Absolutely, the fork between DOM Event models is a real pain point for developers.

    @David: Definitely, we’ve had quite a few requests for support for CSS3 features like rounded corners.

    @Matt: Speed is a top concern for many customers. While network performance is still usually the bottleneck, there are many factors which hurt IE performance (click the performance link in the tag cloud on the right side of this blog). Identifying and removing such bottlenecks is important.

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