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Azure Apps: Getting 503 errors for slot, creating a new slot and swap, not working!

Hi! I take advantage of a recent experience i had working with some customers implementing Websites under Azure Web Apps. This particular customerwas getting some 503 errors on the Slot, although they created a new Slot and swap, the issue remained. Analysis —————————————- We advanced with IIS / FREBs logs analysis and managed to verify… Read more

TFS 2015 User needs Checkin permission(s) for $/p0/folder/*.

Hi! I had been working with some issues with customers not being able to apply Checkin process when working with TFS 2015 I take advantage of this space to share some references that may work for you Common issues for scenarios like this are directly related to failing DOMAIN\alias not having required Checkin permission configurations…. Read more

Azure Web Application Restarting : Root Cause?

Hi! I continue sharing experiences when working with Microsoft Developers tools, different scenarios you may face each day 🙂 One of the scenarios we found, was an Azure Web Application restarting and wanted to identify the reason or Route Cause, so we can articulate some action plan to mitigate this, in order of ensuring the… Read more

Some Billing and purchases VSO Licensing considerations. Troubleshooting Scenario:Unable to connect Visual Studio to the Azure subscription for Development

Hi! I had been working with some issues on not being able to make the linkage between the Visual Studio IDE and the Azure SDK for Azure Resources. This is the initial requirement as Developer for our Community so they can be able to start coding for the Cloud. As a Sample, we are taking… Read more

Android dependencies in .aar files not being imported to SDK

Hi! I had been working with some issues importing .aar files, and i would like to share some recommendations that work under this scenario Option 1) You have to add dependent AARs and JARs to the Binding project as well as main AAR file. Use the plugin Xamarin.GradleBindings as it should resolve dependency and… Read more

Cloud Infrastructure Engineering: Azure Storage : failed: 1117(The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.)

Hola! Aprovecho para saludarlos nuevamente, ahora en ocasión de un Nuevo Año y compartir además algunas referencias de integración de Tecnologías como SQL Server y Azure Blob Storage. Partamos primero de la base que SQL Server admite copias de seguridad en el servicio de almacenamiento de Microsoft Azure Blob. Este Servicio Blob de Microsoft Azure… Read more

Internet Information Services: Why My Web Application is soooo slow???? :0)

HI! I take the time to wish a Happy New Year, and take advantage of reminding some of the most common scenarios we face when working with Developer tools, our Internet Information Services : Slowness for Applications opened: Quick Remark> Application pools allow the isolation between applications, even though they are running on the same… Read more