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BizTalk 2013/2013 R2 new versions: New and Deprecated Features

New Features! • Support for new versions of Windows OS, SQL Server, and Visual Studio | Hardware and Software Requirements for BizTalk Server 2013 and 2013 R2 • Support for JSON Sending and receiving JSON messages; we also have a wizard to generate XSD schema from a JSON instance. There is also an Encoder and… Read more

Complementos en Internet Explorer

Complementos en Internet Explorer Entendemos por Complementos básicamente a Aplicaciones, cuya integración nos permite la interacción con contenido web. La incorporación de estos componentes tiene como objetivo, extender la funcionalidad ya residente en Internet Explorer, agregando programación personalizada. Una correcta integración exige que los usuarios puedan mantener la integridad en el uso de Internet Explorer,… Read more

Internet Explorer Life Cycle

General Considerations about Lifecycle in a Product Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product’s life. By understanding the product support available, customers are better able to maximize the management of their IT investments and strategically plan for a successful IT future…. Read more

Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Welcome to My Developer Tools Corner! This blog contains Articles with information about Developer Tools Experiences providing Support To Customers, new features, backward compatibility, performance considerations and recommendations, news, study cases. I hope it can help on getting better understanding of the Developer Tools and manage to solve some issues. Hope they help! Roxy… Read more