IE8 Tab Grouping

Hi, my name is Helen Drislane, I am a program manager on the IE team responsible for some of the user interface including tabs and I‘m going to discuss the new Tab Grouping feature (tab color!) with you. We had a lot of fun putting this feature together, so I am going to explain a…


The IE8 Smart Address Bar Part II: A Few More Features

In an earlier post, we introduced the new IE8 Smart Address Bar dropdown functionality. Now we thought we’d spend some time discussing some of its less obvious features in more detail. More about the IE8 Smart Address Bar Autocomplete Suggestion With Windows Search installed, IE8 makes an attempt to determine what site you’re trying to…


Microsoft CSS Vendor Extensions

As you may know, all browsers have a set of CSS features that are either considered a vendor extension (e.g. -ms-interpolation-mode), are partial implementations of properties that are fully defined in the CSS specifications, or are implementation of properties that exist in the CSS specifications, but aren’t completely defined. According to the CSS 2.1 Specification,…


Introducing Compatibility View

At the start of the Internet Explorer 8 project we made a commitment to great website compatibility. It’s worth noting that this commitment hasn’t changed, even given the short-term impact of our announcement to better align with Microsoft’s interoperability principles. In other words, compatibility has been and continues to be a very important part of…


Upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

I am here to tell you how to upgrade to IE8 Beta 2. IE8 Beta 2 system requirements are the same as IE8 Beta 1 and it’s currently available in English, Chinese Simplified, German and Japanese. Stay tuned for more localized IE8 Beta 2 versions to be available shortly. Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Getting…


IE8 AJAX Navigation

Hi, I’m Sharath Udupa, developer on the IE team focusing on AJAX features for IE8. One of the AJAX improvements we adopted in IE8 from HTML5 is AJAX page navigations. In IE8 mode, we provide support for script to update the travel log components (for e.g. back/forward buttons, address bar) to reflect client-side updates to…


Slipstreaming IE8

As James and I mentioned in our blog post What’s coming in IE8 for IT Pros?, IE8 can now be slipstreamed into Vista and Window Server 2008 OS images. If you manage the desktop images for your organization, slipstream saves you time by simplifying the task of adding Internet Explorer 8 and any IE updates….


Introducing IE=EmulateIE7

Bill Gates’ recent Tech Ed keynote and Tony Chor’s follow-up blog announced that IE8 Beta 2 will be available in August in many languages. We are encouraging sites to get ready for Beta 2 prior to release as it will present a big jump in IE8 browsing traffic. What does “getting ready for IE8” mean…


Installing Branded IE7 on Windows XP Service Pack 3

Hi all, Last week, I blogged about installing Windows XP SP3 and how it affects different versions of Internet Explorer (See my earlier blog post here). Today I will be discussing installing branded/custom versions of IE7 on machines with Windows XP SP3 installed. This post is primarily aimed towards folks who use the Internet Explorer…