Summarizing Common Browser Tests

To deliver on the industry promise of “same markup,” browsers must implement features in the same way. Open Web standards and their associated public test suites provide the means for making sure this happens. Using the same process for tests as for the standards themselves is so important that Microsoft contributes to this industry effort…


JavaScript tests now available on the IE Testing Center

Our commitment to  same markup includes script along with HTML, CSS, SVG, and the other markup that developers use to build the web. To make same markup real, the community needs a set of official tests to assess how interoperable and standards-compliant different browsers are with the latest version of JavaScript, “ECMAScript Fifth Edition” (fondly…


JavaScript: Same Code, and a Standardized Test Suite

Being all in with HTML5 means being committed to enabling developers to use the Same Markup on the Web, and that includes the same JavaScript code. The Chakra JavaScript engine in the latest Platform Preview release of Internet Explorer 9 includes significantly improved support for the ECMAScript (ECMA-262) standard, including features new to the recently…


Updates to the IE Testing Center

One of the major investments we’re making during the IE9 project is support for more web standards. Web developers all around the world consistently gave us feedback that they wanted to use the same pages with the same markup across browsers. By working closely with the W3C and its members on the newest web standards,…


IE Test Center updates

It’s great to see that the web community and browser vendors are getting value out of the test cases on the IE Testing Center. People are discussing these in blog posts, email, and the W3C mailing lists, which is excellent. We want to make sure these tests are valuable and conform to the various specifications…


Filing a Great Bug

We want to fix the issues that you find in the IE9 Platform Preview. This blog post is about how to write bug reports that we can understand and address. Working together, we can fix the important issues and deliver a better IE9 for everyone. Let’s take a look at the elements of a great…


The Internet Explorer Testcenter welcome page: Clarification & Corrections

Earlier this week, we published a number of new tests for web standards on our IE Test Center page, together with a harness to run them automatically in your browser as well as cross-browser pass rate statistics for these new tests. We quickly received web community feedback that the pass rate data in the first…


Test drive 104 new Professional-grade tests for web standards

The Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview build marks an important milestone in the development of the next version of Internet Explorer.  A significant part of the platform preview is focused on new or proposed World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web standards.  The goal of industry standards is actually “interoperability.”  For HD television standards, that means…


IE9 Platform Preview Feedback

Getting specific feedback directly from developers about their experiences with the platform is super important to us. It’s a critical part of how we optimize for real world performance and real world code patterns. This post is about the changes we’re making to our feedback programs in support of broadening and strengthening that feedback loop….