Defense in Depth: Locking Down Mash-Ups with HTML5 Sandbox

The Web is better when developers can build safer experiences in their sites. With each release of Internet Explorer, we’ve led the way with improvements to the browser to help ensure a safe and secure browsing experience. Now IE10 Platform Preview 2 includes full support for HTML5 Sandbox technology that allows developers to further lockdown…


A Browser for All Windows Customers: it’s about and, not or

The topic of what some customers need from a browser saw a lot of attention in headlines (e.g. Mozilla to enterprise customers: “Drop dead”) last week. Both Google employees and Mozilla community members alike (link) explained that to support consumers, their browsers cannot fulfill the needs of large organizations. At Microsoft, we believe that all…


Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate available via Automatic Update

Starting today, Monday, February 14, 2011, the Automatic Update (AU) feature of Windows Update (WU) will offer users of Internet Explorer 9 Beta an upgrade to the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate. This rollout will start with a narrow audience and expand over the next few days to cover all Internet Explorer 9 Beta users….


Now Available: IEAK8 can create custom Internet Explorer 8 packages in 19 additional languages

We are pleased to announce that the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 8 now supports creating custom Internet Explorer 8 packages in a total of 43 languages. IEAK8 can be downloaded from Custom Internet Explorer 8 packages can be created in the following platform and language combinations: Windows XP SP2 or SP3 x86: Total…


Internet Explorer 8 is now available via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

If you manage your organization’s PCs using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) I’m pleased to announce that we have made Internet Explorer 8 available via this technology for the following languages and platforms: Internet Explorer 8 releases on WSUS for August 25, 2009 Windows Vista All supported languages Windows Server 2008 All supported languages Windows…


IT Professionals: Prepare for Internet Explorer 8 availability via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) in August 2009

For those of you who manage your organization’s desktops using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Internet Explorer 8 will be made available via this technology starting August 25, 2009.  Internet Explorer 8 will be made available as an “Update rollup” and will be applicable to all supported languages. Is my organization affected? If your organization…


The tastiest dog food yet

This post is intended for IT administrators, but more technical users might also find it useful. During Internet Explorer 8 development we paid very close attention to Line of Business (LOB) application compatibility for large enterprises. We want IE8 to be an easy drop-in replacement for earlier versions of IE, so that all users can…


Security Intelligence Report Volume 6

The sixth edition of the Security Intelligence Report (SIR), Microsoft’s semi-annual report on the state of computer security was published on April 8, 2009.  Using data derived from hundreds of millions of computers worldwide and some of the busiest online services on the Internet, this report provides an in-depth perspective on trends in: Software vulnerabilities…


Prepare for Automatic Update distribution of IE8

In January we blogged about our plan to distribute IE8 via Automatic Update/Windows Update (for simplicity, we’ll refer to this as Automatic Update for the rest of this blog post). This post provides some additional information about how users and administrators are in control of browser upgrades. Last week, we released IE8 via Automatic Update…


Improving the Education Experience with Internet Explorer 8

Thinking back, I think we can all remember a time sitting in our high school computer labs, clamoring away on the keyboard trying to finish some assignment our Computer Studies teacher, Mr. Smith for the example I’m going to use in this post, had assigned. Something that I always found amazing was how the high…