August updates for Internet Explorer

The August update for Internet Explorer includes updates to the WebGL and F12 features, in addition to the latest security updates. As discussed on the Windows blog, we’ll continue to use our existing monthly update process to deliver more frequent improvements in addition to security updates. New features for Internet Explorer 11 The update includes…


Vertical writing mode improvements in IE11

Internet Explorer 11 June 2014 update improves and advances vertical writing mode layout. This enables features such as constant center baseline and ruby positioning preserving line height. Together, those improvements enable rich, interactive textbooks and publications for locales supporting vertical writing mode, such as Japanese locale. To get hands on experience and see the improvements…


Announcing Internet Explorer Developer Channel

Summary: Go get the new Internet Explorer Developer Channel at devchannel.modern.IE! Just a few weeks ago, we talked about creating a more open dialog between the IE team and the Web development community. Today we’re excited to announce the release of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, a fully functioning browser designed to give Web developers…


Building Better Input Experience for East Asian Users with the IME API in IE11

During the development of Internet Explorer 11, we proposed and implemented a new set of IME APIs to the Web Applications Working Group for a better input experience for East Asian users. These discussions resulted in changes to the Editor’s Draft of the W3C IME API. This API enables developers to build a tightly integrated…


Happy Holidays from the IE Team!

In the spirit of the season, we wanted to share some GPU-powered HTML5 and CSS3 holiday cheer. Check out Holiday Lites to brighten your screen and test your browser’s layout and rendering performance. This demo shows how IE11 updates content incrementally rather than needing to layout and render the entire page after every DOM manipulation….


IE11 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is available worldwide in 95 languages for download today. We will begin automatically updating Windows 7 customers to IE11 in the weeks ahead, starting today with customers running the IE11 Developer and Release Previews. With this final release, IE11 brings the same leading standards support–with improved performance, security, privacy, and reliability…


Online Professional Quality Video: Premium media experiences without plug-ins in Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 introduces new plug-in free audio and video streaming that is based on the latest proposed extensions to the HTML5 video specifications and is built on the latest operating system media and power management capabilities. The new media features in Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1 combine to achieve “Professional Quality Video” -…


IE11: Touch Browsing for Today’s Web and Beyond

Internet Explorer 11 in the Windows 8.1 Preview continues the innovative touch support introduced in Windows 8 with new touch features, improvements to existing touch features, and new developer APIs. This blog post showcases just some of the ways touch support in Windows 8.1 with IE11 is even better. Reliable Hover Menus with Touch Much…


Introducing IE11: The Best Way to Experience the Web on Modern Touch Devices

As part of today’s Windows 8.1 Preview, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Preview is now also available.  Fast, fluid and perfect for touch, IE11 continues our vision of providing the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes – an experience where sites and apps work flawlessly together. IE11 offers better…


Enabling Professional-Quality Online Video: New Specifications for Interoperable Captioning

Video captioning on the Web is about to get significantly better, putting in place another critical building block for enabling professional-quality online video delivery and playback. To achieve the experience of broadcast television, the Web needs to provide captioning capabilities including word highlighting, tight synchronization between captions and spoken word, flexible caption positioning, caption styling,…