Microsoft Edge is the browser for Windows 10

This morning, Joe Belfiore took to the stage at Build 2015 to share more about the next chapter in our story for Windows 10, including revealing more about “Project Spartan,” our new default browser for Windows.

We’re excited to share Joe’s announcement that Project Spartan’s official name is Microsoft Edge. You’ll see this name coming in future Insider Preview builds of Windows 10, and coming to our web developer resources very soon.

As part of our focus on innovating to make the Web more productive than ever, we’re introducing an all-new New Tab Page and brand new web-based extension model for Microsoft Edge – you can learn more about these in Terry's post, “Welcoming Developers to Windows 10,” on the Windows Blog.

Modern.IE and the IEBlog

Microsoft Edge is the future of our browser strategy, and accordingly we’ll be archiving the IEBlog starting this week as we refresh our Web properties with the new brand. Tune in to the Microsoft Edge Web Summit for more!

Microsoft Edge Web Summit

We’ll have lots more to say about Microsoft Edge at our first-ever Microsoft Edge Web Summit in Mountain View next week on May 5th and 6th, 2015! The team behind Microsoft Edge will be presenting the latest updates to our roadmap, the EdgeHTML rendering engine, and the Chakra JavaScript engine; and a fantastic lineup of guest speakers will share their expertise on modern web technologies like ES6, SVG, WebGL and WebAudio. We just added additional capacity, so be sure to register for free today or tune in to the live stream on Channel 9 to catch all the updates, starting at 10:00AM PDT on May 5th.

Microsoft Ignite

Also next week is our Microsoft Ignite enterprise and IT conference in Chicago, IL from May 4th – 6th, 2015. With 6 talks, 3 Expo sessions, Office Hours, a reduction workshop, and a booth on the expo floor, there will be no shortage of opportunity to engage with the Enterprise Browsing team. You will be to find out more about Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in Windows 10, including management of both browsers and tips, tricks, and guidance on upgrading to Internet Explorer 11. You can tune into Ignite live at starting at 9:00AM CDT on May 4th.

See you next week!

Kyle Pflug, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

Comments (44)

  1. Davin Studer says:

    So long IEBlog. RIP.

  2. Yannick says:

    Well then, it was fun to know you IE, time to move on. Looking forward to the future.

  3. Nicke says:

    You'll be missed, IEBlog.

  4. Tyler says:

    Will this browser be on win 8.1 too?

  5. @Tyler – Microsoft Edge is made for Windows 10 and at this time we don't have any plans to bring it to other platforms.

  6. Ian says:

    Will MS Edge support unmodified Chrome and Firefox extensions? How well will it score in HTML5 Test? Will it be available to Linux and OS X?

  7. wrootw says:

    So where should we get news about changes in IE? IE would still be in Windows, in Windows 10 also and it will get updates. I would like to hear about changes like SSL disabling, or ActiveX security changes, changes to Compatibility modes, etc. Where should i look for such news then?

  8. Yannick says:

    @Ian – HTML5Test is irrelevant, unobjective and stupid as hell, don't consider it a benchmark, and stop threating it as such.

  9. mkurz says:

    As you retire the IEBlog – where can I find recent news for Microsoft Edge in the future? Will there be a Microsoft Edge Blog like the IEBlog with regularly updates?

  10. 要望 says:

    このMicrosoft Edgeですが、Windows 10以外にも提供して欲しいですね。

    せめてWindows 7及び8.1並びにiOS、Android向けくらいはぜひとも。

    Windows 10リリースされた後でいいので、お考え下さいませ。

  11. Viktor Krammer [] says:

    Farewell MSIE, and welcome MS Edge! Interesting choice, maybe they wanted to keep the e in the logo 😉 Hope there will be a new edge blog soon?

  12. Ben Edwards says:

    Really sad the name didn't stay Spartan. If the rumor is true about it being edge so you could keep the "e" in the logo then I am disappointed for sure. What better host for Cortana than Spartan?

  13. @wrootw and mkurz – We'll have more to share next week on where to go for these updates. We're not done blogging 🙂

  14. それと says:






  15. Arieta says:

    @Kyle Pflug [MSFT]

    So Spartan / Edge will not be released for Windows 7? That'll lock a ton of users back with IE11. Sure, IE11 is pretty good, but having not upgrade path will just force even more people to switch to Chrome or Firefox instead.

  16. Aaron T. Grogg says:

    So, "Welcoming Developers to Windows 10", and a 404?…/welcoming-developers-to-windows-10

    Doh!  🙂

  17. __hAl__ says:

    How about the webbrowser component in the Windows API. Wil that run Edge or IE?

  18. ところでさぁ… says:


    5ヶ月前の「Enterprise Site Discovery Toolkit for IE11 を発表」(日本語)で止まっていますよ。



    Windows 10の準備等でお忙しい中ではありますが、順次翻訳していってください。

  19. Хм... says:

    Хм… а на семёрке будет работать? браузер

  20. Pradeep says:

    Is Internet Explorer 10 will work for Windows 7 as usually…………. post release of MSEdge

  21. ChrisJ says:

    @Pradeep: How can releasing a new program on Windows 10 affect anything currently existing on Windows 7? YES IE10 will continue to work. BUT it is not the latest version of IE, and you should really upgrade to the latest version.

  22. pmbAustin says:

    Love the name.  Hate the icon 🙂

    Would also love to see it go cross-platform (iOS, OS X, Android) eventually.

    My number one request:  A GESTURE TO JUMP TO TOP OF PAGE VIA TOUCH.  Current IE/Modern.IE is *painful* to use on infinite-scrolling pages (Facebook, Twitter, any number of thousands of others) because nav and controls tend to be at the top of the page.

  23. @ pmbAustin says:

    Quote: "because nav and controls tend to be at the top of the page"

    If nav and these controls are not available then these pages are very poorly designed from the usability point of view.

    Quote: "any number of thousands of others" … have managed to make nav and the controls available even on infinite-scrolling pages.



  24. George Birbilis says:

    so at IE F12 tools what will the option Edge be called now?

  25. George Birbilis says:

    Hope you'll keep on supporting this feature at Edge to open IE on the desktop for sites that ask for it in the HTML head tag:…/howto-open-page-from-internet-explorer-metro-app-into-desktop-ie

  26. Steve Ferguson says:

    Please remove my email address to receive future emails and blogs;  it is:

    If you have any questions, you can call me at 515-725-4928.  Thank you

  27. anon says:

    @Arieta Windows 7 SP1 is in extended support so it will no longer receive new features (read more:…/lifecycle). The original Windows 7 release is not supported anymore at all.

    @George Birbillis Document modes have been deprecated since IE11 and Edge (Spartan) doesn't include them at all. So-called edge mode has been a thing in Trident since IE11 too.

    @Ben Edwards IE is the most used browser in the world with 56.54% market share as of March 2015. "Project Spartan" was just a codename and Edge is really just IE12 but with the complete removal of legacy code alongside enhancements and additions to the engine, resulting in a new and better engine for the browser and its users, thus for the Web as a whole (IE4 in 1997 was the last time the engines changed). The E icon is familiar so it makes sense for Microsoft to keep it.

  28. Mike Dimmick says:

    @Pradeep: Internet Explorer 10 will no longer be supported on Windows 7 as of January 2016. It won't receive security updates after that date. You should upgrade to IE11. See…/stay-up-to-date-with-internet-explorer.aspx for more information on the supported version of IE on each platform.

    IE10 will only be supported on Windows Server 2012. Sadly there is no discounted upgrade path to Windows Server 2012 R2 if you didn't buy Software Assurance or it has expired – you have to pay full price again.

    @Arieta: Windows 10 will be a free upgrade. If you want Edge, upgrade the OS.

  29. Arieta says:

    @Mike Dimmick:

    The problem with that line of thinking is that it is simpler to switch to FF/Chrome than to switch out an entire OS. This kind of thinking is why IE keeps losing its userbase, despite being a great browser as of the latest version.

  30. anon says:

    @Arieta, how is IE losing its userbase?

  31. ADAXL says:

    So, you will be archiving the IEBlog. Does that mean we get an EdgeBlog soon?

  32. Arieta says:

    @anon: because it still has some userbase to lose.

    This is not even mentioning that developers will now have to support Edge for Win10 users, then IE11 for Win7 users… same crap as why we had to do IE8 support back when XP was on its death a few years ago, because it was the highest version for that OS.

  33. anon says:

    @Arieta Edge (Spartan) is like Modern IE10 and 11: you can't have them on Windows 7 because they rely on the Windows Runtime (WinRT) [NOT to be confused with the edition of Windows 8 and 8.1 for ARM-based CPUs called "Windows RT"].

  34. Steve says:

    You teased about the new addon model for the new Edge browser.. I'd love to get more details about this model so I can start crating some.  As great as you new browser is there will me millions of users that will still need features you've omitted from this new browser and I for one plan to cash in on this void!

  35. Ragnar Moller says:

    I want to know if it will run WEBRTC?

    And also, I want to try it on windows 8.1 🙂

  36. Algis says:

    Very wise decision – in the environment of shrinking lifetime cycles of devices, to concentrate on a new browser better than Chrome for only the newest Windows 10 OS.

    Microsoft shall absolutely focus on making Windows 10 the best, and stop wasting resources to improve other platforms while own one is so far from perfect. The old Windows versions are already covered good enough by Google Chrome. No irony here, just wise use of development resources. Windows 10 is what's important for the MS future, 100% of resources now shall be spent on making it the best. Why waste resources developing for Mac, Linux, etc., the owners shall take care for other platforms from their own budgets.  The best would be if ALL users of Windows XP, 7 just move to Chrome, as Google will take care about Chrome updates, security, etc.

    The one more decision I expect from MS is to drop 32bit version of Windows asap. Same for next version of Office – two generations already are creating the mess, it is enough to "experiment" with 64bit.  If no decision to drop 32bit with Windows 10 and next office – its a mistake by MS. Too many environments to test, many business application vendors are already sending notices to their customers they are not going to support 32bit Windows above Windows7, so its slowly becoming the new Windows RT like environment with primary purpose of creating problems.

  37. mastergs says:

    The more I look at this banter between IE and Edge, it must come down to the almighty $$$.The statement goes like this;  if you like MS Edge, you must purchase the new OS.

  38. @ mastergs says:

    After having spent the past few months on the moon you do not know that the new OS is a free upgrade.

  39. James says:

    Thanks for the new browser. I hope things will get better with new implementation.

    With that said: please fix the performance issues:…/7802352-improve-performance-of-math-sqrt

  40. Dennis says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee provide a Markdown editor in comment section with new branding!!! Most of us are developers and know how to use GitHub flavoured markdown (…/github-flavored-markdown).

  41. Anders Rundgren says:…/571046844488245248

    #AskIE @shimonamit We're still working through plans for extensions, but native messaging is on our radar.

    I guess you refer to Chrome's Native Messaging?  That would be awesome!  But seriously, why not make this a W3C standard as well?

  42. @Anders Rundgren says:

    The IE blog is officially defunct. Go to the new Edge blog instead:

  43. says:

    Windows what fast browser online live tv

  44. Abhishek Diliwal says:

    Thanks and keep going like that.

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