Rendering engine updates in March for the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Based on feedback from Windows Insiders, we are working to release preview builds more often. Today we flighted the first update to Insiders on this accelerated cadence, which includes the latest updates to our new rendering engine. Due to the change in cadence, this build does not yet include the Project Spartan preview, which will be available in the next release.

Today’s build has a number of updates to the new engine, including new features and improvements to existing features. Some of these include:

In addition, you may notice some features partially implemented and available for testing in Internet Explorer under about:flags. These features are under active development and will continue to evolve in future preview builds.

Watch this space over the next week as we’ll be diving into these in more detail in a series of individual posts. In the meantime, you can try these improvements out in the latest preview by signing up for the Windows Insiders program and joining the “Fast” update ring. To enable the new engine in Internet Explorer on preview builds, navigate to about:flags and select “Enable experimental Web platform features.” We'll also be updating RemoteIE with the new preview soon. Don’t forget to share your feedback via the Internet Explorer Platform Suggestion Box on UserVoice, @IEDevChat on Twitter, and in the comments below.

Kyle Pflug, Program Manager, Project Spartan

Comments (10)

  1. CvP says:

    Hopefully we will get all other input types implemented soon 🙂

  2. DvdBrink says:

    Nice! Great job team with the new enhancements! Will update my Windows 10 Preview ASAP!


  3. Doug Sharp says:

    Keep the updates coming.

    Like my house, even dirty windows are better than no windows.

  4. Brian LePore says:

    I had thought that WAI-ARIA landmark roles had already landed. So what does support for them actually mean?

    Regardless, good jorb!

  5. Kesteve says:

    The new rendering engine makes Gmail unusable, using Compatibility Mode under the smiley face will fix the problem.

  6. @ Kyle Pflug says:

    Which build version of internet explorer does this post correspond to?

    (the version as reported by "About Internet Explorer")

  7. Bob says:

    When can we have WebRTC?

  8. ieblog says:

    @Kesteve – Thanks for the feedback! If you can, please report a problem using the "Send a frown" option in the smiley face menu. This will get the bug to our triage team to look into.

    @10601247 – This is Internet Explorer 11 (11.0.10011.0) on Windows 10 build 10041.

    @Bob – We're hard at work on WebRTC 1.1! More details here:…/bringing-interoperable-real-time-communications-to-the-web.aspx

  9. Michael says:

    can we have an update on WebRTC 1.1? will Spartan have it? would love a new post by the team.  

  10. Mark says:

    Any news please on getting the `template` element supported, for consistency with Chrome/Firefox/Safari/etc.? I see it's currently marked as 'under consideration', with approaching 3,000 votes.

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