IE test VMs on modern.IE get a refresh

To help web developers test versions of Internet Explorer more easily, we’ve had a suite of virtual machines available on modern.IE since January of 2013. Today we released another refresh of the VMs to incorporate feedback and to update the base Windows versions.

The changes we’ve made with build 20141027 include:

  • We now use IE blocker toolkit to keep the version of IE for that image fixed and not auto-updated
  • Set Windows Update on and to auto update
  • Applied all applicable Windows Updates to the images up to November 2014
  • Changed the archive technology from RAR to ZIP based on community feedback
  • Added a single large ZIP file archive as a download option in addition to multi-part files as requested by the community

Please update any scripts or automation hooks you may have built with our URLs to point to the most recent build and note the change of archive format to ZIP. We’ve also updated the readme and instructions on the site to help with the extraction process.

These updates apply to all VMs accessible via the sites download page for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and across Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMWare Player and Parallels Desktop.

As always, we love to hear from you so connect with us via twitter @IEDevChat for feedback and connecting with the web platform team here at Microsoft.

— Anton Molleda (@molant), Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Update 1/8/15 - Corrected build number.

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  1. Brian LePore says:

    Is there a way for us to get feedback on the actual VMs themselves? I recently started to work on a new work PC (Windows 7) and on this PC the IE7 build for Vista, and the IE 9 and 10 for Windows 7 all keep on blue screening for me within Virtual PC. All with different error messages. I was using the most recent builds prior to this announcement. I've got 8 GB of RAM so I don't think it's memory related.

    I've even had it blue screen when trying to look up the system log within the VM to see if they had info on what caused it to crash. 🙁

  2. molant says:

    A tweet to @IEDevChat or filling the form…/feedback are the preferred methods.

    Have you tried changing the settings of the VM when it is turned off (giving more memory, disabling acceleration, etc.)?

  3. Chris Adams says:

    Thanks for the IE version pinning – it's nice not to need to race Windows Update. Now if only you could get large IT departments to stop clinging desperately to old IE versions…

  4. Vagrant guy says:

    You promised us to provide Vagrant boxes.

    Even the IE cutting edge version does not support CSS sourcemaps (only JS) is nothing but a shame.

  5. nonanme says:

    I have a favor to ask.

    After the United States always exhibited a new article, translation of an other country (Japanese edition etc) is too slow, so could you write it within 1 week at least?

    Please correspond to the important contents rather early in particular.

  6. Yannick says:

    Thanks for the update!

    @nonanme – I would say; be happy that there is a translation for you. There are an aweful lot more languages out there that don't get a translated version.

  7. Mike says:

    Can anybody confirm what build number should be seen now?

    This page states – 20141123 download links point to – 20141027 download box states – Build 20150105 for Mac



  8. Sam Ruby says:

    I can't unzip IE11 on Win10 for VirtualBox on either OS/X or Ubuntu Linux.  Details here:…/Ununzippable-Modern-IE

  9. molant says:

    @Mike, everything has been updated so there isn't any confusion.


  10. Yannick says:

    IE suck ballz

  11. Mike says:

    @molant thanks very much for your help!


  12. Ie11 bugs says:

    There are defects too a lot more than such thing in Windows 7&IE11, so please correct the bug which can be corrected early.

    It's inconvenient and inevitable. Such as a tab goes off selfishly, it's done. It's much after it'll be a regular version.

  13. Lexbi says:

    Please for the love of god can you not just make one VM with ALL versions of IE it. You're Microsoft!!!! Pretty sure someone from the community managed this a few years ago, surely you can do it a LOT better…

    IE testing is already horrendous. I applaud your efforts for getting a good resource centre together for, but sweet jesus you took your time about it.

    Also you're releasing another browser, why, oh god, why. Even though it uses the same rendering engines as the last IE? Just another piece of crap to test. Another 8gb of my hard drive will have to be wasted along with more hours of my life.

  14. Ed Davis says:

    @Lexbi  "like"

    It would also be awesome if the remote tool just did all this for us instead of only having an option to run IE11 🙂  Maybe some app-v in the backend would allow 2012R2 to run the lesser version browsers?  Nonetheless, thanks for the services Microsoft!!!!

  15. says:

    that's great !!!

  16. The Deeds says:

    Hi, I have tested with latest build (Windows 10, IE11 v11.0.9841.0) and yet this bug is unresolved:…/breaking-issue-ie-11-11-0-9600-17031-freezes-on-right-clicking-the-page-for-context-menu

    Right-clicking on the overlay jams the current window (with all the tabs open) and effect the performance badly.

    It was not there in earlier builds of IE11. Seems like a regression and/or memory leak issue.

    Please consider fixing it before Win10 goes RTM. It maybe causing in other scenarios as well, where $(document).unbind is used.

    Thank you for your efforts and the VMs. (it was super easy to use with Hyper-V)

  17. aaa says:

    Does Internet Explorer end in 11 really? An event of Windows 10 is holding on that January 21, and everything is done clearly.

    Please exhibit detailed information early.

    With the expression it's difficult to show, excuse me.

    When there is a wonderful person, too, I think the person who would be a problem in a compatibility face is here, too, so I want

    you to do a bug fix briskly.

  18. Leandro says:

    can MS provide us support to CSS Shapes at next IE version? please? chrome already support it

  19. NumbStill says:

    @Leandro –

    Vote for CSS Shapes here –…/6263716-shapes

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