Celebrating HTML5 Recommendation with the W3C

Today, while several Internet Explorer team members are at W3C TPAC 2014, the IE team is happy to join Microsoft Open Technologies, other browser vendors, and the web community at large in celebrating the HTML5 specification reaching W3C Recommendation.

This milestone represents many years of commitment from people and organizations around the world to produce and stabilize the next generation of the W3C Open Web Platform. The IE team believes that the standards process is vital to creating an interoperable Web and ensuring that the web just works for everyone.

We’d also like to congratulate the W3C on its 20th anniversary and look forward to continued collaboration on the future of the open web.


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  1. Ron says:

    Next is hope for a  redesigned javascript standard.

  2. Mitch says:

    As long as you actually follow through with it… After all, IE6 just died, and web developers are still pulling their hair out on IE7 (aka Compat. Mode) support – without mentioning IE8 (still supported on Server 2003), IE9 (latest IE supported on Vista), on to of IE11.

    Then there's Safari, and then Firefox, and Chrome. Which, when compared to supporting IE only, is a walk in the park to deal with (and that includes mobile).

    So, if you sponsored that video with the feeling of "once burnt, twice shy", then great! Please maintain, enforce, spread and expand upon web standards. If you intend to push through "standards" that actually are "it works everywhere, provided you pay a patent's licence to us or go through a black box", like Encrypted Media Extensions or OpenWRT, then no.

  3. RogerTheEngineer says:

    Celebrating with a flash video just seems wrong.

  4. BucksterMcgee says:

    @RogerTheEngineer, actually the Vimeo player works in HTML5 as well. It likely just checks to see if Flash is available. Cheers!

  5. Antonio says:

    That´s a good new

  6. No Name says:

    Is it the time information on IE12 may be soon?

    Moreover, I think that doing etc. has translation of the foreign country version etc. in large numbers.

    Please do your best.

    IE12 also desires correspondence to Windows 7.

  7. Horatio Nelson says:

    "The IE team believes that the standards process is vital to creating an interoperable Web and ensuring that the web just works for everyone."

    So glad to read this after the week I just spent fighting IE8

  8. Jay says:

    There will always be browser "differences" causing the same headaches since IE7 compat because otherwise vendors like Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. won't be able to differentiate and market the use of *their* browser above the competition. Unfortunately script standards are an impending issue soon with the advent of ES6.

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