Expanding offers and VM delivery choices on modern.IE

We love hearing from developers that the virtual machines, tools and offers available on modern.IE are valuable to them, save them time and help make testing on Internet Explorer a little easier. That’s why we’re excited to let you know about a few new offerings we’re making available due to developer demand.

VMs available in Vagrant format for developer environment automation

Some developers let us know that they are using Vagrant to automate the setup and configuration of their development environments to ensure consistency and repeatability standing up their project machines.

As a result, we’ve made available the VirtualBox versions of modern.IE’s test VM’s for Vagrant users in beta form so that they can automatically download and layout those images for development and testing purposes. Check out the blog post by Cory Fowler to learn more about the support of Vagrant and how to get started. Let us know if these are valuable to you and if you’d like additional virtualization platforms made available from modern.IE through Twitter @IEDevChat.

Parallels Desktop 10 Supports direct download of modern.IE VMs

We’re always looking at new ways to get you access to IE for compatibility testing. In the new version of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, we partnered with Parallels to make the modern.IE VMs accessible from within their new VM wizard directly, so you won’t have to separately download the VM archive pieces to put them together yourself. This handy access path provides the EULA and choice of IE/Windows versions directly in the product. For more information, check out the new Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac here and a video demonstrating the new integration (modern.IE integration demo starts at 4:15).

modern.IE VMs accessible directly from within Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac

Save 10% off Kraken.io’s Image Compression Service

If you didn’t know, our modern.IE site scanning tool uses Kraken.io’s service to check how many bytes could be squeezed out of images on a given page through the use of image compression and optimization algorithms. Kraken.io’s service can help save bandwidth and hosting costs for your sites through their highly tuned algorithms. As a special offer to modern.IE users, Kraken.io have made a 10% discount available via modern.IE on new monthly and yearly plans for the life of that subscription. Head over to the tools page on modern.IE to access their site with the discount code and sign up for a subscription.

As always, your feedback is welcome via Twitter @IEDevChat. Look out for future #AskIE Q&A sessions with the IE engineering team by following us on Twitter.

— Jason McConnell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Internet Explorer

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  1. no name says:

    Please carry out more nearly somehow than it "fault of the abnormal end which operates nothing but breaks out" of IE11.

    It continues from the formal version.

    It is certain to occur frequently at least at Windows 7.

  2. no name(+α) says:

    And although it is a postscript, in character input form, whenever a page changes, fault also returns to half width, so please consider correction also here.

    It wants in a hurry.

    It is the present progressive form from the formal version.

  3. Esben says:

    When is the next Dev Channel version coming?

  4. __hAl__ says:

    @no name

    Rephrase your post in normal english please.

  5. Thomas Koch says:

    Please also provide images in qcow2 format which is used by kvm on linux.

  6. Chummy one says:

    Thank you! I was crying for it all over the place!!!

    Thank you for vagrant!!!!!

    Please support Hyper-V adapter, so I don't have to install VirtualBox (since Hyper-V is supported by MSOpenTech with vagrant).


  7. StijnHerreman says:

    Can you provide fully patched VMs? It's annoying to have to repatch a WinXP VM every time it expires.

  8. Gérard Talbot says:

    In the past, I have tried several times (dec. 2013 and may 2014) to install IE11 for windows 8.1 virtual box on my KDE linux distribution and never succeeded. I followed thoroughly each and all of the download and installation instructions and it just never worked for me.


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