modern.IE Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary and 1 Million Hours Saved

Since the launch of modern.IE in January of 2013, developers taking advantage of the free virtual testing tools on the site have collectively saved over 1 million hours testing time.

Join us in congratulating the team on the anniversary and the milestone. Learn more about the anniversary over at the Exploring IE blog and more about the resources on the site from our December post.

Happy Anniversary @IEDevChat!

Comments (6)

  1. Congratulations says:

    This has been the best thing the IE team has provided!

    It has allowed me to completely move all development away to Linux Mint.

    It's been a great year!

  2. Magical Me says:

    The launch of marks the turning point when web developers stopped hating on Internet Explorer.

  3. uh says:

    I wouldn't go that far..

  4. giuseppe says:

    Are there any real news planned for 2014?

    Like, a preliminary change log for IE12 and a preview that does not require to set up a new machine and force a appstore incl. skydrive, ahhh, onedrive ?SA-cloud registration? FYI, beta channels are a nice concept which do not require any of the above.

    Will it be this year when devices with IE10-ish ("IE9.5") browsers update to current generation?

    Do you have any plans for this year at all, or are you just going to hang around?

    More surprises like your webgl late-180, because we all know developers like surprises?

    Just kidding, no way I would ever expect anything more than perhaps a new button or a free background for my desktop! Please continue self-inflating your awesomeness by some more self-shoulder-patting. Hallelujah!

    See you at next post around easter!

  5. #pepsite says:

    Good movie of IE10 – 11 in Quirk mode : Look at SVG,  VML and Tweenmax animate :

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