IE11 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is available worldwide in 95 languages for download today. We will begin automatically updating Windows 7 customers to IE11 in the weeks ahead, starting today with customers running the IE11 Developer and Release Previews. With this final release, IE11 brings the same leading standards support--with improved performance, security, privacy, and reliability that consumers enjoy on Windows 8.1—to Windows 7 customers.

And with Windows 8.1, IE11 delivers the best experience of your sites and apps together. IE11 on Windows 8.1 delivers an experience that is fast, fluid and perfect for touch - the best Web experience on any tablet.

30% faster for real world Web sites

With IE11 we continue delivering the best performance for real world Web sites on your Windows device. IE11 on Windows 7 improves performance across the board with faster page loading, faster interactivity, and faster JavaScript performance, while reducing CPU usage and improving battery life on mobile PCs.

You can experience IE11’s leading performance first hand with demos on the IE Test Drive site where you’ll find examples of hardware accelerated rendering, interactivity, touch, and real world site patterns. EtchMark is a new test drive demo that’s an entertaining HTML5 retro-drawing experience, one that also enables you measure your browser’s performance.

Enjoy a fun, retro-drawing experience and test your browser’s performance with EtchMark
Enjoy a fun, retro-drawing experience and test your browser’s performance with EtchMark


EtchMark shows some of what is possible on the Web today, using a broad range of technologies available to developers in IE11, including HTML5, CSS3, SVG Filters, touch, orientation events, pointer events, power efficiency, and more. EtchMark shows how IE11 makes the most of the device you have, enabling control with one or two fingers for touch as well as with the mouse. On tablets with device orientation support, you can shake the device to erase, or use orientation lock to keep EtchMark locked in the same position independent of how you are holding it.

EtchMark uses standards-based mark-up for interoperability across browsers and makes the most of fully hardware-accelerated browsers like IE11 on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, with consistent performance across a wide range of Windows devices including tablets like the Surface 2.

Leading JavaScript performance

IE11 advances JavaScript performance, while ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and security. On Windows 7, IE11 is 9% faster than IE10, which is nearly 30% faster than the nearest competitive browser.

IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance, so real-world sites are faster
IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance, so real-world sites are faster

The updated Chakra JIT compiler in IE11 supports more optimizations including inline caches for polymorphic property access, in-lining of functions at polymorphic call sites, and compilation support for specific ECMAScript5 constructs like getters/setters, so even more code is JIT’ed and less time is spent in JavaScript computation. Garbage collection utilizes the background thread much more efficiently, substantially reducing the frequency and amount of time the UI thread is blocked doing garbage collection.

You can experience these improvements in the new Popcorn test drive demo, which uses getters/setters to enforce types and mutate properties. In the past we’ve seen developers shy away from getters/setters because of the belief that they incur too high a cost on performance. With the improvements in IE11, getters/setters are now fast enough for many use cases.

Fast, world-ready Web applications

IE11 includes support for the well-defined and commonly used features of the emerging ECMAScript 6 standard including let, const, Map, Set, and WeakMap, as well as __proto__ for improved interoperability. IE11 also supports the ECMAScript Internationalization API (version 1.0), which enables culture aware sorting, number formatting, date and time formatting to be performed efficiently in JavaScript without having to round-trip to the server.

IE11's new internationalization APIs enable rich, world-ready Web applications without plug-ins
IE11's new internationalization APIs enable rich, world-ready Web applications without plug-ins

The World Data demo showcases how developers can utilize some of the new internationalization APIs for displaying and converting data to use native currencies, and date and time formats to create and deliver rich, world-ready Web applications without taking dependencies on plug-ins for delivering such experiences to users.

In addition to raw performance improvements of real world sites, IE11 includes improvements to make common browsing activities faster. IE11’s improved frequent sites algorithms make getting to your favorite sites faster. Similarly, improvements in form editing controls to preserve formatting make copy-paste from Office and other apps faster and more accurate.

Faster development with 25 new and improved modern Web standards

For developers, IE11 brings increased support for modern Web standards powered by hardware acceleration to enable a new class of compelling applications and fast and fluid Web browsing. IE11 adds support for over 25 new or improved modern Web standards beyond IE10.

Developers can build next-generation experiences with professional-quality Web video, and hyper-fast 2D and 3D Web technologies that make the most of the underlying hardware. IE11 supports real world standards and compatibility, and new developer tools enable developers to build high-performance Web experiences on Windows devices. Here are just a few examples of how the Web is better for developers with IE11:

Debug faster with new F12 developer tools. IE11 supports the latest standards and frameworks actively used by Web developers. Brand new F12 tools in IE enable iterative, visual debugging and tuning of Web sites. Modern.IE enables cross-browser testing, no matter where you choose to develop.

Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics. Interoperable WebGL experiences run on all devices, taking advantage of GPU acceleration. IE11 scans for unsafe WebGL content and implements a software-based renderer to complement the GPU. With Windows, graphics subsystem failures are not fatal, and WebGL continues to run. With IE11, your 3D experiences can access device orientation to create new interaction opportunities for immersive Web content.

The existing Web continues to work – even better: IE11 is interoperable with existing sites, which just run faster and look better in IE. Of course, intranet sites and apps continue to run in IE11, which supports Compatibility View.

Enable professional-quality video experiences on the Web. IE11 enables HTML5 video without plugins. IE11 supports the latest standards for closed captioning, streaming that adapts to available network bandwidth, and rights management—so all your video content can be as good as the professionals. Power-efficient video streaming in Windows 8.1 extends battery life for Web video.

You can read more at the IE Developer Center and the updated IE11 Guide for Developers about the full set of new and improved Web standards supported in IE11 – listed below with links to the specifications.

CSS3 Background and Borders Module Level 3 Performance: High Resolution Time
CSS3 Flexbox Performance: Navigation Timing L2
CSS Snap Points Module 1 Performance: Performance Timeline
CSS Writing Modes Module Level 3 Performance: Resource Priorities
ECMAScript5 Performance: Resource Timing
HTML5 Dataset Performance: Script-Based Timing Control
HTML5 Drag and Drop Performance: User Timing
HTML5 Device Orientation API Pointer Events
HTML5 Encrypted Media Extensions Simple Delivery Profile for Closed Captions (US)
HTML5 Media Source Extensions Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
HTML5 Screen Orientation API Web Crypto API
Performance: Efficient Script Yielding WebGL
  __proto__ (ES6 draft spec)

Best experience of your sites and apps together

IE11 puts your Web sites first, delivering the best Web on Windows across a full range of devices and screen sizes that is equally great for touch, mouse, and keyboard. You can have as many open tabs as you want, and side-by-side browsing with your favorite sites and Windows Store apps together. Here’s a quick look at some of the thinking behind the user experience of the browser from a few of the engineers who helped build IE11 for Windows 8.1.

See some of the thinking behind the browser experience in IE11 and Windows 8.1

The opportunities continue for HTML5 to make both Web sites and applications better. Those opportunities are exciting for everyone on the Web. As with IE11 on Windows 8.1, this release brings high performance HTML5 development to Windows 7.

For developers building on HTML5, now is time to ready your sites for IE11. Developers can use the recently updated modern.IE to test and verify your sites, using a wizard that scans a Web page URL for common interoperability problems and suggests ideas for how to address those issues to improve the user experience across modern and older browsers.

On behalf of the individuals and companies who have worked with us to deliver this product, and the many people at Microsoft who have built it, thank you for your feedback and for using IE11.

Rob Mauceri and Sandeep Singhal
Group Program Managers, Internet Explorer

Comments (170)
  1. Matt Gradwohl (IE) says:

    Congrats team!

  2. Sanat Gersappa says:

    Congratulations! Loving it already.

  3. Daniel Campo says:

    Excited to download and start trying out the new update. How about a Mac version?

  4. TechReviews says:

    thanks for sharing, it's great post

    Welcome Tech Reviews Blog

  5. Anyone who creates sites on the web says:

    Great. Another version of Internet Exploder I need to test…

  6. Chris Love says:

    This is awesome! Now just about everyone can have a modern, fast web browsing experience!

  7. Chris says:

    Awesome but after install and first start of IE11 it brings you to the Successfully installed IE10 page.

  8. Thanks MS says:

    That's only IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and now IE11 that we have to test against.

  9. Eric says:

    Too bad flash doesn't work so Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube are broken on it. Useless

  10. FlashDie says:

    @Eric… Flash needs to die. Flash works for me. Netflix uses Silverlight so it works not sure how you got it to play in Flash. It's been Silverlight based for a long time. Silverlight works better than Flash (too bad Silverlight is going away). YouTube works for IE11 (with Flash) probably also works with HTML5 video but defaults to Flash.

  11. Yuhong Bao says:

    Now what about Server 2012?

  12. Andrew says:

    Google + – not work

    Google Translate – not work

    WordPress – not work

    x-ua-compatible – ignore

    Whats next!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. Bob says:

    I'm running the Release Preview IE11 on my Win7 box and the the ie download page is still telling me I'm running your most current version  ??



  14. This comment will be deleted in order to skew the visage of this release. says:

    I cannot believe I witnessed benign, truthful and relevant comments being deleted from this post. Way to sensor the community and help favor your own products. I primarily develop software systems against the microsoft ecosystem and I am absolutely blown away by this action. I don't think you realize the influence some of us have over the enterprise market and how easy it can be for us to sway our customers to go with open source or alternative solutions — especially given their far-advanced capability and severely reduced cost in comparison with your own product lineup.  I sincerely suggest you stop disenfranchising your consumer and advocate base if you wish to stay successful.

    P.S. .NET is currently your only saving grace, period.


    Every developer ever

  15. Said No One Ever says:

    I can't wait to install IE11! It's the greatest browser on the web!

  16. pmbAustin says:

    This is all great stuff.  

    Now if you could only fix the issue where over time, as you leave the browser and multiple tabs open, somehow all tabs get concentrated into fewer and fewer iexplore.exe processes, until the process size goes over 700,000K, and pages stop rendering, and not long after, File Explorer and common open/save dialogs stop rendering.

    This happens ALL THE TIME.  On a dozen different machines, running IE9, IE10, or IE11.  I cannot believe that this cannot be duplicated, and thus fixed.  

    You can't expect standard consumers to know to bring up task manager and kill off the huge IE processes.  Doing so is the only way to "fix" the problems once they start to occur, short of rebooting.  The only thing you need to do to duplicate the problem is just have half a dozen tabs or more open in IE and just leave it running.  Over time, the half dozen or more iexplorer.exe tabs reduce to only a few… or one will explode in size even if the processes don't consolidate.  And when that happens, pages stop rendering completely, or even at all (You can go to a new site, and the tab header and address bar will update, while the main window still shows the old site… rendering just "stops" and no new info is drawn).  When it gets bad enough, it infects other apps, like icons in File Explorer will be blank or black.

    Having this same SERIOUS problem persist across three versions now, getting no better, is really inexcusable.  Not a week goes by that I don't get hit with this.  Since I use a bunch of different devices (tablet, laptop, desktops), I sometimes get hit with it several times a day on one platform or another.

    Please.  Fix this.

  17. Android Developer says:

    Great, it's always getting better. Also checkout this free app:…/details

  18. Arieta says:

    Same problem here, I'm using the last pre-beta, and the download page says I'm already up to date.

  19. Arieta says:

    Ironically enough, the download page worked on other browsers. Oh, IE, you are so hilarious.

  20. Roger says:

    Sweet!  So when can we download the IE 12 beta 🙂

  21. dcutting says:

    Great job, IE Team!  I love these people who complain about having to test against yet another version of IE as if other browsers aren't in the same boat (hello FF and Chrome with their 6 week release cycles now up to v25 and 30 respectively).  Would you rather MS not release new versions and never improve?  Get over it.  Your a developer, it's part of your job.

  22. Shemul says:

    will it run on Windows 7 or do i need windows 7 SP1???

  23. Arieta says:

    The middle click scroll button (ie. press middle click on any scrollable page) still does not work correctly if you zoom into a page/image. Specifically, it only allows scrolling to directions that overflow when un-zoomed; but it does not allow scrolling to directions which overflow after zooming.


    – open up any page that does not induce overflow / doesn't have scrollbars (such as a small image)

    – Zoom into it until you get scrollbars

    – press middle click. Normally you should be able to zoom in, but in IE11 on Win7 x64, you can't.

    This is a regression from IE10 and this bug has been present in all of the preview versions of IE11.

    I can only hope that one of the security updates from Windows Update will fix this, like how one of them added back the ability to pick non-IE11 rendering modes in the developer tools.

  24. Aldo says:

    Those complaining that they need to test multiple websites, follow Google's example and stop supporting IE9-:…/end-of-support-for-internet-explorer-9.html

    F*ck off old IE users!

  25. tastro says:

    Upgrading now… Will test later. 🙂

  26. AB says:

    not switching from google chrome.. IE 11 might be a tad faster but better experience with google chrome – able to scroll down while the page is loading. Plus, what is up with the blank bar at the top?

  27. MELERIX says:

    there is troubles in the new YouTube comments with IE11.

  28. kkkk says:

    Thank you!!

  29. Craig says:

    Anyone running the IE11 preview edition who would like to force the upgrade to RTM can do so at…/ie-11-worldwide-languages

  30. Stilgar says:

    I fully support what pmbAustin said. You need to work on stability not performance. You think I care if a page opens a few milliseconds faster? I care about my browser not crashing when I go for lunch.

  31. Dave says:

    Does MathML finally work?

  32. ac观光客 says:


  33. JR says:

    What is the appropriate FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION code for enabling IE11 in applications using the browser component?…/ee330730%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

  34. Kris says:

    Is this clear that Ie11 is the last IE on Windows 7 sp1. Do you guy surely ship IE12 on Windows ???. Guys Where is the WEBRTC in WP8 IE. When I was able to run TogetherJs on My IE (WP8)

  35. rt says:

    where is cache control and cookies tool in old ie developer tools

  36. Harry Richter says:

    I am not going to "upgrade" until the F12 dev tools are restored to the full functionality:

    disable script, disable popup blocker, disable CSS

    These are sorely missed in daily surfing! E.g. I have the popup blocker on the strictest setting, but if I come across a badly designed site that uses popups for functionality F12 was a handy way to disable the blocker.


  37. manole says:

    Nice to hear that. We need to improve WebGL support over the world wide web 🙂

  38. SVL says:

    Very solid browser. Too bad the switching of rendering mode in F12 has become completely useless as conditional comments are completely ignored, even when viewing a page as IE8

  39. L. says:

    @IE team: congratulations!

    @Dave: Nope, no MathML this time. 🙁  Maybe they will do it for IE12?

  40. Hi. Question: Why so late? The package is digitally signed on 15 October 2013.

  41. I don't work for Microsoft says:

    This is wonderful news, its already the best browser on the web and I just love it to bits. All the other browsers are rubbish – I don't know why they even bother.

    And all the bugs you are experiencing? All in your mind. Change how you work! Welcome to the nineties!

  42. This comment will be deleted in order to skew the visage of this release. says:

    Every web developer knows that internet explorer only slow the web technology.

  43. This comment will be deleted in order to skew the visage of this release. says:

    Internet Explorer Suck!!

  44. @This comment will be deleted in order to skew the visage of this release says:

    IE used to suck, IE11 is awesome! You got to try it.

    a web developer

  45. Respect our freedom of express says:

    Every vendor said their product is the best but none of them as blasting as IE I think. Yes IE 10 is really good, a satisfied product, before IE10, well sinked. I am mostly working on HTML5 and Javascript application, the consistency and compatibility with HTML5 standard is what I am concerning about. I am glad IE is working hard on it and made some progress, but it's not good enough.

  46. David Delaune says:

    Great job guys!

  47. :D says:

    Haven't tried yet, but can't wait to!

  48. MHS says:

    Oh well, and they just rolled out IE 9 at work this month…

  49. pmbAustin says:

    I hope in the next version they fix all the issues the other browsers don't seem to have:

    – Favicon issues… favicons always getting lost in the favorites bar, disappearing, going black, falling back to 'default' icons

    – Pages constantly crashing and reloading for no known reason

    – iexplore.exe processes growing in size until rendering in IE, and eventually screen drawing in other apps like File Explorer starts to fail

    And UI enhancements would sure be nice:

    – Enable the option of returning the separate search bar (a la IE8)

    – Enable the option to move the Home/Favorite/Settings buttons around (some people like them on the left)

    – Provide an option to make the UI more "touch friendly" in desktop mode for use on Surface/Surface Pro (try opening new tabs when the tab bar is full, it's a pain to hit the tiny targets)

    – Provide touch gestures for rapidly going to the top/bottom of the page (try this on a tablet on a long page, where there is no keyboard and it's nearly impossible to grab the scroll bar with your finger)

    – Paste and Go in desktop (it's great in the Win8 App version)

    – Rework the Internet Options dialog, ESPECIALLY the "Advanced" tab… and why doesn't tab handling default to "Most Recently Used" tab order, and why is it so difficult to find and change that setting?  I always have to turn this on, and this is a huge differentiator over something like Chrome.  Literally, the main reason I won't use Chrome is because it doesn't have MRU tab switching.

    I'm also currently having a problem since upgrading my Surface Pro to Windows 8.1/IE 11, where YouTube videos, especially those embedded in other pages, don't display the video (sound only) if they're embedded in the page… I have to click the 'full screen' button before I can see anything.  And this is in Microsoft's premiere device, with all Microsoft drivers and experiences.  Come on.

  50. Tweaton says:

    I tend to favor IE, but it certainly has some glaring flaws. Taking security a little too seriously, Microsoft locks everything down and expects end users, who mostly can't be bothered, to decide what to unlock. After fifteen years of trying to make IE work for more than 3000 users I can honestly say that it can be a nightmare! Aldo, the reason I don't upgrade IE9 is because it is finally relatively stable; end users can actually get something accomplished in less than an hour. Also my division manager won't let me. I sincerely hope that Microsoft isn't going to start installing IE11 automatically without letting us know how to prevent it – the way they did with IE10!

    As requests for Firefox and Chrome can no longer be ignored I find that configuring them isn't going to be any easier than IE. They work so well out of the box because they have almost no security, which creates a gaping security hole. Since last spring I've been trying to learn to configure Firefox to close some of the worst holes with little success. With all the fires that we have to put out around here I barely have time to wade through the volumes of convoluted documentation and begin to actually configure and secure Friefox.

    The real problem is getting the developers of browsers to actually address real issues. It's not like we haven't given them ample feedback! $150 dollars for an OS with IE embedded in it, we should be entitled to some decent support! Even us IT Pro's. don't have the expertise of Microsoft's developers. What?! Every time we need to fix a problem they created we have to spend a hundred bucks for a few straight answers?

    I get that hard working, free spirited, mostly unpaid developers can't give the kind of support that Microsoft charges for, but hey, all I'm really asking for is clear, understandable, accessible documentation that doesn't take Day's, Week's, Month's to understand!

  51. Web developer says:

    Where is Vorbis, Opus, Theora, VP8, WebRTC an such? I am very disappointed.

  52. Developer says:

    When will this piece of *** browser cease to exist…

  53. Developer says:

    Just try Peacekeeper and you will see how far you really are from Opera, Chrome and Maxthon. Lucky you, Firefox is worse than IE.

  54. Nifty says:

    it's OK if you say IE gets faster, but WHY you just enforce us to use *sucking* tabbed-browsing?

    What's the point of taskbar?

    With tabbed browsing enabled, you have to look taskbar first then look for tabs upword to find the window you want.

    Maybe it goes well with IE8, but not with desktop PCs…

  55. pmbAustin says:

    Nifty, check out the "Last Active Click" page for a work around for the tabbing issue.  I don't know why there's not a UI option for it… I find multiple instances of apps really difficult to deal with, without turning this feature on.

    Just go here:…/16334

    It says for Windows 7, but it works just as well with Windows 8.  I encourage you to give it a try… I think you'll like it.

    And hey, Microsoft!  GIVE US A UI TO TOGGLE THIS FEATURE WITH!  It belongs in Taskbar Properties.

  56. Update says:

    Update the pre historic "Settings" please.

  57. Stephen says:

    When I installed IE11, the builtin Windows 7 Gadgets on the desktop don't display properly.  The weather gadget is partially transparent and the CPU Meter just displays text without any graphical display.

    Is anyone else having problems with the Windows 7 Gadgets after installing IE11?

  58. mocax says:

    The F12 developer tools Emulation is screwed up.

    I get this when I tried emulating Windows Phone 7

    And when I resize the browser window, the viewport suddenly expands to 100% of the window width.

    Was the developer tools overlooked or something?

    The ones in Chrome and IE10 are much better.

    Please bring back the old one.

  59. firefox user says:

    @mocax – you shouldn't be testing with the emulator anyway, but with the free VMs instead. check out

    the IE7 and 8 emulators now pretty much force you to finally use the much more accurate VMs

  60. Auto says:

    I think IE11 is good and better than its predecessors, but why at this site

    IE11 gets the lowest score of all other browsers?

    Mine gets 350 Points only 🙁…/desktop.html

    Can I have an answer?

  61. saurabh gupta says:

    Will try and let you know the difference. Just getting ready to install it.

    md xowned

  62. jan s. says:

    Stephen, I have the same problem with the Gadgets in Win 7 (x64). The Gadgets run, but the graphic doesn't get rendered properly. I updated my video driver but that didn't fix it. Then I uninstalled IE11 and now the Gadgets are working again. Hard to believe this release passed QA.

  63. web developer says:

    Thats greate. Awesome browser. This is a joke, but we can forget the IE9.

  64. KC says:

    Can't wait to get in on my XP machine – Lol!

  65. Virtual Truth says:

    Over the many years that I've been web designing, I've never really witnessed such an orbital monopolized mess with each release of IE. You would think that MS would want to popularize the IE browser by allowing compatibility to older OS's such as XP, Vista, etc. but it's the continued graduated force to buy the latest OS to use their latest browser – IE. Not only do web designers have to consider as to when to stop and/or cleanup the nightmarish mess and support that MS leaves behind, but the testing that is now even broader with mobile browsers and PC, and now with great consideration of unforeseen bugs on this first release of IE11. To all you web designers – happy coding!  

  66. Nifty says:

    Thank you, pmbAustin:)

    Unfortunately IE11 doesn't seem to have capability to turn off tabs, because Group Policy setting in IEAK says that feature of turning off tabs is supported by versions up to IE10, not after IE11…

  67. MIDWALK says:

    Upgraded to IE 11 yesterday. Since then I cannot open my Hotmail emails in IE.

    Hotmail opens in Chrome though. What to do?

  68. meee says:

    IE is cool

  69. treefrog says:

    I have Internet Explorer 11 on my Windows 8 machine and I am not happy with much of it. Particularly not being able to use the Google Toolbar, translate or any popular toolbar.  I also view a lot of webcams, most require Java and Java does not work well with Internet Explorer 11.

  70. Raj says:

    How can I use ie11 on linux/unix os?

  71. @Raj: You can't. IE11 license agreement forbids its use on any other operating system.

    If I remember correctly, that's why Wikipedia stopped calling IE a freeware.

  72. sinaps says:


    " Can't wait to get in on my XP machine – Lol! "

    Also I  🙂 viva King Windows Xp.


  73. @Virtual Truth says:

    There is no reason for anybody to support Vista at this point because its market share is so low. As for xp,  if people are going to use a ridiculously outdated 12 year old OS then they need to accept that the amount of new programs/games that don't work on it is going to continue rising.  Microsoft gains nothing useful from supporting XP at this point and if other companies were smart they'd start focusing on Windows 7/8 instead of dumbing down their code to please every customer that thinks they can hang onto the past forever.

  74. Yuhong Bao says:

    @Fleet Command: The RTM process involves testing etc.

  75. Rider96ci says:

    Boy I hate this update,  All I get now is blue screens all day long now. What did they do?? it used to just freez now I get the blue screen!

  76. Borislav says:

    Great news. Now only update the interface so it is not so outdated and clumsy and is simpler to use and maybe make easy extensions possible like in Chrome and I will actually consider switching from Chrome for browsing. Not for development though.

  77. Martijn says:


    Seriously, I can't install it until I can confirm that it does.

  78. Sergey Gavrilenko says:

    What about cleartype and font smoothing? Is it possible to turn off?

  79. David Rathbone says:

    You upgrade from Windows7…

    You upgrade from Visual Studio 2010

    You buy Windows 8.1

    You buy Visual studio 2012 (2013 soon)

    Design a Win form application using WebBroswer in net 4.5

    And it renders the page in old fashioned IE7 (Good one!)  (No Touch, No CCS3, No Html5)

    You add <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=11"> to the webpage.

    You then do a registry  hack to force your WebBrowser component to work with un-documented FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION code for enabling IE11 (I think 11000?)

    And yes Touch pointer does not work!

    Well Microsoft this is all YOUR tools YOUR rules even changed none standards from IE10 To IE11 in pointer types!

    And it still does not work! Windows 7  has a bug in that touch down is only fired after touch up!

    How much more time do you expect us developers to spend developing your poor software developments.

    Yes you can give us all a free Surface Pro at the "Build" conference but that will not buy us off!!!

    Time to put YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER !!!!!    

  80. Mo says:

    IE11 x64 (Win7 SP1) can't reliably run WebGL at all. Just try any non-Microsoft WebGL demo on any machine. It's either distorted, really slow, both, or just doesn't work. You can't say "like Gecko" in the user agent string when WebGL doesn't work properly. All the consumers will get is a broken experience if IE11 isn't prevented from accessing the WebGL content.


    What would be the value for ie11? Will try 11000 …


    11000 decimal does not seem to be it … anywhere an official piece that tells me what to poke into the registry to make my browser control thing work again? Server complains I am using a browser that is too old, so I did set the user agent as well to no avail, help!

  83. German User says:

    Hi. I also have Problems with the Gadgets. WIN7 with IE11. Back to IE10 all OK.

  84. Tim Freeman says:

    I note that Editing mode WebBrowser Control in Internet Explorer 11, Document's IPersistStreamInit::IsDirty always return false!  (in Win8.1 and Win7).  Any ideas on when this may be fixed?

  85. TechnoStall says:

    Cool, will review it on

  86. Allan Hays says:

    Ever since I received IE 11 as an update, I have not been able to use it. I get repeated messages that Internet Explorer has stopped working.and that Windows is checking for a solution. I hope they hurry up and find one!!!!!

  87. Charles S. says:

    I have exactly the same problem Stephen and Jan S. have (just for starters); I don't know if there are other issues waiting for me around the corner, since I just re-started windows and found this problem straight away!… The Gadgets on my desktop after the update DO NOT render properly; the clock cannot be seen, and others are just weird coloured squares with numbers instead of images.

    What should I do now???

    Funny (annoying) thing is that I have windows 7 configured to update automatically and I didn't know that it was an IE update since it just says it is a Windows security update. I very rarely use IE anyway, so I wonder if I can just go to the uninstall programs in the control panel and just remove it… ANYBODY tried?

  88. Dog Lover says:

    How many kittens did Microsoft kill in the manufacturing process?

  89. Anna says:

    I need to rollback to 10 and to block this from ever installing again on my Windows 7. I cannot input passwords at websites, cannot get some textbox commands to work, and many other discovered and yet to discover lost capabilities on my laptop. Laptops simply do not need upgrades to mobile software and should be left at legacy, more non-mobile optimized, unless upgrade is explicitly chosen. This upgrade looked like a Windows 7 security upgrade and, thus, IE 11 installed via a dirty trick. I never install any new browser until others have gotten the issuer to fix the problems.

    What is the safe way to return to ie10. Can my entire settings be restored also?

  90. Nicole Berdy [MSFT] says:

    @mocax – Thanks for the report!  The team is aware of this issue with viewport emulation and we're working on a fix for the issue.

    @Martijn – F12 in IE11 includes document modes.

  91. Frank Olivier [MSFT] says:

    @Mo, re "IE11 x64 (Win7 SP1) can't reliably run WebGL at all" – Most WebGL pages should run without issues in this version of our renderer; there are some pages that require functionality that is not in our current renderer. Some pages only work in one browser (or on certain higher-end GPUs), or were never tested in IE. Our team is working with web developers and WebGL libraries to ensure that WebGL content is interoperable. (See three.js contributions from, for example)

  92. Kazzan says:

    It will be nice, if Compatibility View can be switched (and driven by GPO) for subdomains and no only for domains We use domain namespace for internal purposes and each domain has different system with different level of web standard support and browser detections.

  93. Brian says:

    Congrats – wish you guys would release this for all supported Windows OSes – I'm talking Vista and up.  Also (since I'm a web developer), testing on all these IE versions is a pain.  I think its time for IE to go to the FF,Chrome model of autoupdating (which it does now thankfully 🙂 ) and dropping the version number.  Just call it IE or IE modern  to differentiate it and allow all windows OSes to move to this new "modern" browser.  This would be great to kill off those old IE versions quicker on supported Windows OSes.  Just a thought.

  94. Completely Frustrated says:

    Broke our company's web app and now we are scrambling to test a .NET 4.0 patch so our yours can log into our app with IE11.

  95. MERLIN says:

    Until they disable tabbed browsing I will not be using IE11


    and along with windows 8 here is another situation where Microsoft aren't listening to what the public really want.

    only what Microsoft THINK you want

  96. joe says:

    can't use mouse to open email on my Win7 computer after downloading IE 11  anyone else have this problem & how to solve

  97. Alex says:

    Can we make IE11 run as IE9 for certain intranet sites (but not all)? We have versions of Confluence and JIRA that don't work with IE10 or 11 yet.  Unless I can manage compatibility modes via group policy on a per site basis (eg I can't upgrade until every intranet site is compatible with IE11.

  98. jacinto andrade says:

    Parabéns – desejo que vocês iria liberar isso para todos os sistemas operacionais Windows suportados – Estou falando Vista e para cima. Também (já que eu sou um desenvolvedor web), testando em todas essas versões do IE é uma dor. Eu acho que é hora de IE para ir para o FF, Chrome modelo de Autolatina (o que faz agora, felizmente :)) e soltando o número da versão. Basta ligar para ele IE ou IE moderno para diferenciá-lo e permitir que todos os sistemas operacionais Windows para mover a este novo navegador "moderno". Isso seria ótimo para matar as versões antigas do IE mais rápido em sistemas operacionais Windows suportados. Apenas um pensamento.

  99. John Bernard says:

    All I want to do is download IE 11, where the Hell is it?

  100. Brian says:

    @Alex,  upgrade JIRA/Confluence if you can – the latest versions support IE 10 and all IE 8+ in non-compat mode.  I'm sure it works with 11 too.  We use JIRA here.

    @Completely frustrated – sounds like (sadly) your company's internal web app is coded badly to work with old IE's "idiosyncrasies".  I'm guessing using compat mode or changing the HTTP doc type in the app to degrade IE 11 as needed might be the only solution until your web app is fixed to be standards compliant (as it should be).  Good luck…

    I applaud MS for finally trying to kill off legacy IE specific stuff.  It will be a bit painful but its time to get rid of all that conditional coding in order to bring IE into the modern web world (finally).  Some other changes:…/internet-explorer-11-dont-call-me-ie

  101. Robert in hawaii says:

    You keep missing the killer app… on browser pop up malware like fake anti virus tools and cryptolocker which exploit the browser itself….this one fix would make EVERYONE use it…

  102. Travis says:

    The problem I have with articles like this is that Microsoft is partially shooting themselves in the foot.  The article bashes IE10 which is still fully supported and will be for the life of Windows 8.  Why would you dog on your own products?  This all ties back to Microsoft bundling browser releases into the OS.  It's great for the numbers game but if they made IE independent of the OS then they could follow a normal release and support schedule.  Thus eliminating the need to support a browser for a decade (i.e. IE6).  Which is what leads to an article like this where you bash a browser that came out only 15 months ago (IE10).

  103. MadTomVane says:

    The first 10 comments are people paid by Microsoft. Everyone knows IE = HELL! German's were the first to discover that and do something about it. COME WORLD! Let's ditch IE! Let's NOT SUPPORT IT! Why SHOULD WE?

  104. Leon DeWeerdt says:

    Good work team, we've been waiting.

  105. LOST FAITH IN IE says:


  106. Abe Touset says:

    I'm glad to see you guys have dropped a new version of Explorer.  However, The Google Search Page after you type in what you want shows up with all the text on he left border. I spend way too much time there, otherwise I haven't had any other problems with other websites. To all Tech Support wannabees, I did check my compatibility settings.  Have fun and keep the good work.

  107. Salvor says:


    Thank you for your job. I love IE an I use it from 6.0 version. We got it today with Microsoft Update and I don't know how could this happen, OWA 2010, OWA 2013, RDS Web Access does not work. I added all of important sites to Compatibility View List and everything works. I think after installing all of updates for Exchange and RDS everything will be OK, but, unfortunately it is not possible for us right now. It is Little tricky but, I know you can better! Good Luck! Thanks!

  108. Frank from Cologne says:

    Hallo, I'm from Germany and I use Microsoft Internet Explorer since 18 years. I'm happy to use IE11 for the next time. Thanks Bill. Frank

  109. Jeffrey says:

    Until you bring back the separate search box instead of having it bunched together in the address bar I won't even consider IE.

  110. Andreas L. says:

    Once more guys: All your good work is worthless, if I don't get my search bar back!!! Please let ME (!) decide, if I want to use it or not. I don't like it, if anyone try to force me! It's MY way to work. I know, there are a lot of people, which are happy without this bar, but I guess, there are even more simple using the google search bar.

    And no, the statement 'there should be more place for the website' isn't legal – not in the time, we have bigger screens than ever. But a good point – let ME decide, too,  how big is the address field, yeah, good idea, isn't it.

    And last but not least – sure, I know how to use the search in the address field. But have you ever tried using this stupid feature, if you have to enter IP-addresses or NetBIOS Names uncounted times a day? I'm sure, you haven't.

    I still agree, let users use this feature, if they want to, but please give the others an option. The main message of this posting:


  111. namlow says:

    Andreas L.,

    I read your msg in full, i.e., every words of it. Thanks.

  112. 8675309 says:

    would like to download it but its not avaible on WSUS(or MS update catalog) yet

  113. Oldie says:

    Why get something new if the old works good? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  114. Disgruntled says:

    I get the same problem that I had IE10 and signing into Yahoo Mail! have to enter password twice.

    Back to Firefox.



  116. Frank Cathey says:

    I downloaded IE 11 on my Windows 7 Pro machine. I have noticed only one problem, so far. Outlook Web Access (email) will only work as Outlook Web Access Light. No matter if you uncheck the box or not, it does not display email as before (directories of mail folders on the left). This is the same problem I have always had with Google Chrome, but never expected it with IE.

  117. David Chavez says:

    Great!. Downloaded and installed the EN version. Already tried it for about an hour over W7Pro. It really renders web pages faster! About twice as fast, I'd say, for instance, with the English version of the Huffington. Yet to try on intensive HTML5 sites. I'll keep commenting when done.

  118. Jackson Kema says:

    'New' means improved with added value so it's worth trying

  119. SARAVANA KUMAR says:

    I dont like IE 11 Still lot of thing s needs to be improved . But I love Microsoft innovations always . Frankly speaking it has to be improved a lot.

  120. kang says:

    it cause my laptop blue screen few times when i am opening webpage using IE (slow, hang, then blue screen)

    switch to firefox, and chrome, it never happen ><

  121. Jayanarayan V P says:

    Congrats!!!!  Welcome IE11. The wait is now over.

  122. Vincenzo Di Russo [MVP] says:

    Congrats, Team.

  123. Sorin says:

    Rendering Reporting Services Toolbar is a mess. I've reported this behavior since the first Preview. Nothing happened. If it's not working with MS products what about other products !

  124. A. Ibrahim says:

    what's the use of this blank title bar? and why tabs and jammed together with the address bar ?!!

  125. A.Bogdan says:

    Nice job guys…………. <3

  126. S.Mather says:

    please read the comment from pmbAustin again…

    <<Now if you could only fix the issue where over time, as you leave the browser and multiple tabs open, somehow all tabs get concentrated into fewer and fewer iexplore.exe processes, until the process size goes over 700,000K, and pages stop rendering, and not long after, File Explorer and common open/save dialogs stop rendering.>>

    I suffer from this – or a related issue – almost daily – OK it's largely to do with the way I use browsers – but there isn't a health warning that says don't do this…

    I don't know if pmbA's suggested fault diagnosis is correct – quite frankly it's been a few years since I was writing code – but it FEELS like a simple memory leak – and back in the dark ages they used to teach us about that sort of stuff in ¿what? ¿week 6 or 7 ???

    I regularly have to force closed instances of ie when I don't have ie open  –

    Hope 11 is better – because this aside I'm liking your work these days !!!



  127. Arran Simmons says:

    Hope this works better on windows 7 than 8.1, although this is not to difficult as it doesnt seem to work at all on 8.1! think i will stick to ie10

  128. Tom B says:

    Same as 'jan s' and other: Gadgets run, but the graphic doesn't get rendered properly, after Win update of Nov 14, 2013.

  129. AnisYsteM says:

    I hope this works better than the other browsers , in this case , IE11 will save Internet Explorer from death

  130. Marc B. says:

    Thanks Andreas L.! Exactly my opinion.

  131. Brian W says:

    I will not be updating yet as still trying to get/find fixes for problems on 10 which repeatedly freezes for no apparent reason and after nursing many machines through the same issues I am seriously thinking about advising my group to go to either Google Chrome, or Pale Moon, or Firefox.  Would be better if MS sorted out the problems rather than issuing yet another "new" product which we al have to take through testing and yet more agro

  132. Brian W says:

    Virtual Truth, companies still run xp for a number of reasons: it's stable, it supports the legacy software that a lot of companies still run and it I relatively easy to fix any issues that arise.  To upgrade the OS to the latest and greatest version that MS would like us all to do which one do you go for? as they are replaced on a regular basis (some sooner than others) and for any company and its support team to be continually buying, testing, installing and then supporting each new release, costs a great deal of time and money.  That is wh some many people and companies still run XP.

  133. Ken says:

    I am still using IE8 because it is the only browser that offers the GUI that I think is best.  I appreciate that you are trying to make everything at Microsoft about tablets, but there is still a huge number of people who still use plain on PCs and no matter how many slick ads you run on TV showing people dancing with tablets, in the real world people use their PCs for work.  It is very hard to get any work done when I am trying to figure out how to make a mouse work like a touch screen.  While I don't mind the limited browser capabilities that I have on my tablet, I expect more functionality on my PC.  I especially do not want a PC that works like a MAC, but that is what it feels like you are trying to do.  I hate to burst your bubble, but making Windows look like a MAC OS will not steal MAC users, it will just make it easier for more PC users to switch to MACs.

  134. Sorin says:

    Are developer tools working on a 64 bit version ? Mine are not. And are blocking IE 11

  135. djbillyd says:

    I have IE11 on Windows 8.1. It doesn't support several sites that are important to me. Like my online banking! I tried the beta in Windows 7, and it was atrocious for non-support of valued sites. I can't use it…, PERIOD!

    I wish I could get 10 to work on 8.1, then I wouldn't have to have a dual-boot system to accommodate apps and services that IE11 doesn't.

  136. Gina says:

    IE 11 was pushed to my Win 7 desktop PC, and when I tried to access the Internet, I continued to get an error that my home page (MSN) could not be found and the page could not load (however, I saw it behind the error message). Out of frustration (from many prompts informing me of that error over and over again), I uninstalled IE 11 and reinstalled IE 9, which seems to work just fine for me.  From my point of view, IE 11 is a bust, and I won't be using it.  Firefox and Google Chrome seem to work just fine; I'm slowly making the switch to those to see which one I like better.

  137. SAfety1srt says:

    Looks great to me,,thank you

  138. bstevens says:

    But, does it work with sharepoint?  IE 10 does not work with sharepoint reliably even with compatability mode on.

  139. Meanrotten says:

    I hate tabs, I have always hated tabs. In previous versions I have been able to turn off tabs and in this one (shoved down my throat in an automatic update) you have made it so tabs are mandatory. For that reason alone I think IE11 sucks. I'm uninstalling it if I can. Put it in the trash along wit Wincrap 8 , 8.1.

  140. Pronounce says:

    I can get Chrome, Safari, and Opera on various operating systems, but not IE. Since it may be true that the world culture is moving to an application-centeric user-centric model. Do you see a problem with this issue?

    I'm amused and delighted by the thought that IE could be so good that it tops the popularity lists on both the Apple Store and Google Play? But then my joy is dashed as I realize that this is crazy talk, because I know that it's all politics and those at MS who could do such great work are stifled by the powers that be.

  141. Clement says:

    Great work there.

    Because good friends are good critic, please move to an automatic upgrade model like Chrome. We shouldn't have to think about upgrades, it should happen automatically.

  142. Pyroyd says:

    The  problem with the Gadgets appearing corrupted after installing IE11 only occurs if your DPI  is set to 125dpi or more.

    Change the DPI to 100 or 110 dpi and the Gadgets display properly again.

  143. prashant says:

    idealistic wow…that great i m happy with  it ….simply say that one step ahed


  144. Pyroyd says:

    I have a new problem with EBay.

    I can only create listings in the HTML window.

    The TAB for Standard view is not visible on the page so photos, fonts, etc is are visible when creating or relisting an item.

    Back to IE10 and things are working again as they are supposed to again.

    I got the Gadget problem resolved with the lower DPI, now I got an Ebay problem.

    That's it for IE11 for me for now.

    I will try it again in a few months and hopefully the bugs fixed then.

  145. Ravi says:

    I cannot start a webex meeting from IE11. Compatibility mode works though.

  146. Dale says:

    Installed and first impressions initially looked good. Pages loading faster and generally crisper. Some sites looked hideous afterwards particularly any form elements, e.g. entry boxes showing an X at the end, scroll arrows appearing around boxes, etc., which are a direct result of the priority MS is now placing on touch devices. Initially these were overcome by adding the site to the Compatibility list.

    But then:

    1. Encountered problems with Google searches and having to double-click the back button to return to the search page each time.

    2. The lack of a compatibility button is a real step backward. Many incompatible pages change on a daily basis. In order to view submit buttons properly (i.e. not surrounded by a thick black border), remove the X in entry boxes, the scroll arrows, etc., now takes FOUR clicks each time to add them to the Compatibility list. Clicking ONCE on a single button on the menu bar would make things far simpler (and simpler still if each click automatically added the URL to the list).

    So a thumbs up for the speed and security improvements. Unfortunately, the impact on productivity and ease of use on a Win 7 PC has meant that I've had to revert back to IE9.

  147. David says:

    I am having problems with for example: TVGUIDE, before ie 11 was installed I could click on a listing & a description  of the show would come up. Now when I click on it the letter just turn red & no description comes up.

  148. tbak says:

    p.o.s!   Ill stick to TOR

  149. Josh says:


    I didn't notice any comment that you can block IE11 automatic delivery via Windows Update, just in case some don't want to auto deploy yet:…/how-to-block-automatic-internet-explorer-11-installation

  150. DKL says:

    Wow… I have literally installed all MS patches blindly for years – happily, successfully… but this IE11 update did indeed stuff up my life. I too had the gadget issue (I too have DPI 125 set). While this isn't *exactly* MS' issue, several heavily used websites immediately broke. I haven't uninstalled a MS update in maybe four years… until today.

  151. Pratha Scullion says:

    Unfortunately what they don't tell you is starting with Internet Explorer 11,you no longer have the option to disable tabs.I've never been a fan of tabbed browsing and in previous versions of IE,you had the option to do this.With IE11,you have no choice but to take it.I asked about this on one of Microsoft's blogs.They indicated that this was something that Microsoft had done deliberately,thinking perhaps that{since this came out in Windows 8}that they had in mind mostly tablet users.That would make sense — if all you had were tablet users.For laptop and desktop users,it's a different matter.Many people also are reporting issues with there gadgets.I personally didn't have any problems with mine.But it really didn't matter.Since IE11 doesn't allow you to disable tabs,I have already uninstalled it and gone back to IE10,where you do have this option.

  152. DougSter says:

    Embedded JavaScript links do not work at all – just dead!

  153. Retired3Mer says:

    There are a lot of financial institutions that have not got on board with IE11. Until they do the home user is at a disadvantage.

  154. Seymour says:

    IE11 not working properly on win7

  155. Jose Luis says:

    En Español, Please

  156. Graeme says:

    I've got the YouTube hassle as well. Keeps 'not responding'. Have to keep waiting for it to recover the page. Happens everytime upon opening.

  157. Kairun says:

    As a Chrome user I don't have to deal with Adobe Flash Player updates anymore. If I start using IE 11 will I go back to the endless cycle of checking and updating Flash player all over again?

  158. Yigit says:

    Just a few advices to you… You are a good team but IE is fail. I didn' t use it for several years… 🙁

    First, change UI similar to Chrome. I want to open a new blank tab, FASTLY!

    I want to change main screen and want to customize almost everyhing. Get thumbnails of web sites for main screen. It does not llok good with texts.

    Full support to standards and over. You are MS, you can finish this game with a high score.

    and, change your name, leave incrementing numbers near IE. We don' t memorize the number. I dont deal with a IE 11 or 12? Make a new name,

    IE-X for ex. like Windows XP.

    Fast browser is best browser for almost all users. I just open a new blank tab. Is it hard?


    Developer tools, like Javascript debugging on-the-fly

    Simple UI, with a new templates…

    It must Fast!

    Noody insterested with memory comsumption etc. Just wanna use it!

    Don' t ask "enabling plugins?" anymore! I dont want to see that notifications anymore! Make something about that but dont ask.

    If I see someting of this, maybe I can try it again.

    Best 😉

  159. Yigit says:

    I saw its UI in a website then I decide not to try it.

    I hope, you can increase your audience again. You come from %85 to %15 in the market in 10 years.

    Maybe you make someting before %5.

  160. Radical says:

    Found no difference with speed

    The only difference seems to be

    lots of control problems on several sites gone back to IE9

  161. Will says:

    ONce AGain Microsoft FIXES break Very Critical applications for companies that try to do everyday business.  I work on the support desk and now I have months of work to try and undo what they did in 1 update.  Now some websites won't launch, Company: Ellie Mae – Product Encompass360: Now we are unable to view documents in the application because IE has now turn on or off some option in some corner that I now have to find in order for us to be able to work. THANK YOU MICROSOFT, I TRULY APPRECIATE THE HARD WORK.

  162. MDH says:


    You said: "But, does it work with sharepoint?  IE 10 does not work with sharepoint reliably even with compatability mode on."

    see:…/BugAndFixASPNETFailsToDetectIE10CausingDoPostBackIsUndefinedJavaScriptErrorOrMaintainFF5ScrollbarPosition.aspx and…/IE10AndIE11AndWindows81AndDoPostBack.aspx

    install sp1 and hotfix on your server

  163. Matthew Trow says:


    Very big FAIL.


    Very simple answer, windows XP still has the second biggest OS market share by quite a wide margin.

    Effectively, microsoft, by not releasing ie10 and ie11 for XP, have mired an exceptionally popular OS in the past.

    By so closely entwining the browser with the OS, we find ourselves up *** creek without a paddle.

    Yes, those users can choose to use Firefox or Chrome, assuming:

    a. They know how to

    b. They are allowed to

    It's just so stubborn by Microsoft – that they want to ignore this embarrassing and very large ageing relative who keeps on insisting on coming to the party.

    This, unfortunately, holds the entire web back. By virtue of the success of Windows and in particular, windows XP, now over a decade old, we've ended up in a rather shitty situation.

    It means we're stuck having to support ie8 and ie9 for years to come. Whilst other browsers, including later versions of explorer, auto update and forge forwards, ie8 & ie9 are stuck.

    How can this be amended?

    It's a mess. And it's going to get messier. When microsoft drops support for XP in April 2014, 25% of computer users worldwide will be put at risk.

  164. Frank says:

    Why you removed the MSIE string from the user agent? That will produce so much problems for IE AND for the Devs.

  165. Colleen says:

    Just sharing a thought.  Thanks IE.. Now I can't check my bank balance. I can't check work email. And God knows what else I can't do because now IE won't let me enter passwords on these sites. WTF DID YOU DO AND WHY CAN'T I FIND A FIX?  Thank you for forcing me to use MY TIME (that I really don't have) to find out what the hell you did and how to work around it.

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