IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7: 30% Faster than Other Browsers and Even More Support for Web Standards

Internet Explorer 11 continues to provide the best Web experience that is fast, fluid and perfect for touch, across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes. The IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 is available for download today and includes performance improvements making it 30% faster than other browsers, updates to support the latest Web standards, and developer tools improvements in response to your feedback on the IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7.

This video shows some of the performance and developer tools enhancements in IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7

With IE11 on Windows 7, customers receive a fast, secure browser that is compatible with existing Web sites and delivers exciting new interactive Web experiences. For developers, IE11 supports the latest Web standards and technologies, making it easier to build sites that work across devices. The new F12 tools in IE11 enable developers to build high performance Web experiences, faster and more efficiently.

A Faster Web Experience

Performance matters to everyone who browses the Web. The IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 includes additional performance tuning so that real-world sites download and display fast and are highly responsive and interactive.

You can experience IE11’s leading performance first hand with demos such as Levitation, Lawnmark, and Lite-Brite on the IE Test Drive site, showing real world Web site patterns for graphically rich, interactive, and 3D experiences. In honor of tomorrow's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, our newest test drive demo, PirateMarrrk, tests your browser’s HTML5, JavaScript, and Scalable Vector Graphics performance.

The new PirateMarrrk test drive demo tests your browser’s HTML5, JavaScript, and Scalable Vector Graphics performance.

The new PirateMarrrk test drive demo tests your browser’s HTML5, JavaScript, and Scalable Vector Graphics performance.

Internet Explorer 11 advances the performance leadership of our JavaScript engine, Chakra, while ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and security. As we improve performance for real-world sites, IE11’s JavaScript performance on benchmarks like WebKit SunSpider continues to lead compared with latest version of other browsers. On Windows 7, IE11 Release Preview is 9% faster than IE10, which is a 5% improvement from the IE11 Developer Preview, and over 30% faster than the nearest competitive browser.

IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance, so real-world sites are faster

IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance, so real-world sites are faster

Even More Web Standards and Increased Compatibility with Existing Web Sites

IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 includes updates to reflect the latest emerging Web standards. For example, now that the Pointer Events specification is a Candidate Recommendation at the W3C, IE11 supports an un-prefixed version of the emerging standard. With Pointer Events support across the full range of Windows devices (and soon to other browsers), Web sites can easily build experiences that work equally well with mouse, keyboard, pen, and touch.

IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 adds new user controls for the Standard Delivery Profile for Closed Captioning. With the new control, accessible from the Internet Options menu, users can customize how captions appear in the browser, even overriding the default styling provided by the video source. This customization further advances IE11 as the best browser for professional-quality online video without plugins.

With IE11, users can customize the appearance of closed captions, enabling an improved online video experience

With IE11, users can customize the appearance of closed captions, enabling an improved online video experience

The IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 also supports the latest Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) draft in the W3C. After installation, the IE11 Release Preview prompts the user set a default tracking preference that Internet Explorer will send to Web sites. On upgrade, IE11 Release Preview automatically preserves the user’s previous tracking preferences. .

Faster, More Efficient Developer Tools Productivity, Based on Your Feedback

IE11 includes a completely re-designed and enhanced suite of in-browser F12 developer tools. These tools help Web developers diagnose and optimize their apps quickly and efficiently. Having fast and reliable Web apps is more critical than ever.

The IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 includes several tools enhancements to increase developer productivity and in response to the overwhelming enthusiasm and feedback we have received from developers. Here are just a few of the many improvements:

  • Console: IE11 makes it easier to debug WebGL content by mapping WebGL errors to the corresponding JavaScript location. Developer productivity is improved because primitives have been added to Intellisense. With IE11, developers can debug multi-threaded Web sites with full console access while targeting Web workers.
  • Debugger: An improved file picker allows faster access to files in a complex Web project.
  • DOM Explorer: With IE11, developers can tune Web sites more quickly by editing CSS property values and seeing those edits in the Live DOM without having to press the enter key
  • Memory: To make it easier to narrow down the source of memory leaks, the F12 tool now identifies what operations were performed on allocated data between memory snapshots.

The IE11 Memory tool identifies which memory was allocated, de-allocated, or modified between snapshots, supporting faster memory tuning and diagnosis

The IE11 Memory tool identifies which memory was allocated, de-allocated, or modified between snapshots, supporting faster memory tuning and diagnosis

  • Networking: A new “always refresh from server” option creates reproduceable performance results while developers rapidly iterate to tune their site performance. The tool also includes new Search Next and Search Previous functions for analyzing complex network traces.

With IE11, the “always refresh from server” option supports iterative development by producing reproducible network performance results each time you reload the page

With IE11, the “always refresh from server” option supports iterative development by producing reproducible network performance results each time you reload the page

A Better Web Today, and Ahead

IE11 provides the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes with mouse, keyboard, and especially touch. Try it out for yourself with Windows 8.1 RTM from MSDN, and if you are a Windows 7 user, download the IE11 Release Preview today. Virtual Machine images of IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 will also be available on later this week.

Now is the time for developers to confirm that your Web sites are ready for the hundreds of millions of Windows devices and customers moving to IE11 and for business customers to verify your readiness to deploy IE11. You can find a full list of new functionality available to developers in the IE11 Developer Guide here.

We look forward to your feedback. Please share your suggestions on Connect.

Sandeep Singhal and Rob Mauceri
Group Program Managers, Internet Explorer

Comments (89)
  1. Laird Rixford says:

    The developer toolset was in need of a major refresh.  Thanks!

  2. whale says:

    Should the Developer Preview be uninstalled first?

  3. Keith says:

    Where the heck is Windows 8.0 support? Since when does your current OS get left out in the cold for last gen?

  4. Snowknight26 says:

    I wish Connect wasn't a graveyard. We, the developers, submit hundreds of bugs to no avail. They get left to die there, forgotten about forever.

  5. Onur Gumus says:

    @Keith:  LOOL!!

  6. Roman says:

    Why on earth did you take out the browser mode??? Now, I won't be able to access old proprietary systems that don't run in IE 10,11!

  7. Michael says:

    @Keith: It's called "install Windows 8.1 when it comes out". That's how you get IE 11 support. 😐

  8. Sandeep Singhal <MSFT> says:

    @whale:  You don't need to uninstall the Developer Preview first.  The Release Preview can install right on top.

  9. Why is it digitally signed 23 August 2013?

  10. Yuhong Bao says:

    @Michael: Except this ignores Server 2012 R1.

  11. When support for EventSource will be added to IE? Every other browser has it now, and having to rely on a shim just for IE it's a pity…

  12. Nobody says:

    "Always refresh from server" has existed since like IE7

  13. That Guy says:

    Please fix the developer tools menus to be like they are in IE10, the whole Metro thing is not intuitive at all.

  14. chewbacca says:

    Another damn IE version to be taken into account during testing. Why not having same "latest version" on every machine (like Chrome & Firefox)?

  15. JustMe says:

    Could publish the IE Wallpaper please?

  16. Arieta says:

    Is that bug fixed where, if the new developer tools hangs/crashes (which it does often), all of Aero gets cranky system wide, causing context menus to not properly fade in and sometimes get stuck on the screen?

  17. W3C Standards says:

    Close, but you're not quite there yet… (hint: It is not all about speed!)

  18. Arieta says:

    By the way, the Bing Translator add-on has been broken since the first previews – you cannot select any languages in the dropdown menus.

  19. @chewbacca says:

    You have to account for older versions of chrome and firefox too, more of them in fact since they update so often.

    For IE you just have to worry about IE8-IE11 and really if your website works on IE9 then its probably going to work perfectly fine on 10/11 so it's not very hard to do.

    Anyway this seems to fix the issues I had with the developer preview so I wont be downgrading to IE10 =]

  20. Arieta says:

    OK, seems this version is generally way more stable than the previous preview, but some bugs were not fixed:

    – Open an image smaller than the browser window. Hold ctrl and use the mouse wheel to enlarge it. Then try using middle click scrolling: it won't be available, unless the image was bigger than the image in the first place. So if you make an image wider than the viewport, you can still only scroll up-down.

    – some javascript code is stuck running on ebay even after tabs are closed. This specific code is caught in an infinite loop, causing 100% cpu usage per core. So the fact that they stay that way after closing the tabs makes it so that after lengthy sessions, ebay causes your cpu usage to max out non stop.

    – still no option to properly customize language autocorrect. You can only enable/disable language correction, but you cannot turn off autocorrect separately.

    On a side note it would be nice if IE would autodetect the required dictionary language based on the site language (if specified), for those who frequent multiple different language sites.

    – text overflows from the boxes when using ctrl+shift+u in the Hungarian language version.

  21. Tom says:

    "On upgrade, IE11 Release Preview automatically preserves the user’s previous tracking preferences."

    Yes but in IE 10 you had already set DNT to on by default. So, if I am understanding this correctly, most users will not be prompted, since they are updating from IE 10 to IE 11, and IE 10 had already taken care of setting the default DNT preference.

    Your behavior is sneaky, wouldn't you agree?

  22. BlindProgrammer says:

    I told you please please improve the accessibility of the developer tools with screen readers like Jaws or even the free NVDA screen reader which you could have downloaded on your computers in two minutes. And you haven't really changed anything.

    As a recommendation, I suggested that (like in all well-behaved desktop applications) you would use the tab and shift+tab keys to move only among the toolbars and other independent controls and that you could use the cursors (left/right) to move from toolbar button to toolbar button. I said that the reason is that now I have to press tab one hundred times to get anywhere and it wastes all my time. It's really frustrating. I mean it.

    I also wanted you to implement ctrl+tab to switch from tab control item to tab control item, such as from "Callstack", to "Breakpoints", etc., in the debugger. This suggestion is nothing strange after all. All IE versions before 11 used to do that. Also, I thought it unnecessary to mention to you that you should of course implement shortcut keys like F6 and shift+f6 which take you from panel to panel or from one control set to the other, saving you the time from pressin tab one hundred times. I hoped that since all the above are standard Windows shortcuts, already implemented by IE 8, 9 and 10 Developer Tools as well as other MS desktop apps, you would surely implement them in IE 11. I mean, it was obvious that you would, given that your are the company that invented them in the first place, making Windows one of the most accessible OSes available.

    And yet, I have been disappointed!

    More importantly though, I still can't use the text area where the code appears when you are using the debugger. This makes it impossible for me to use IE 11's debugger. I feel really hopeless now. Chrome's debugger is inaccessible, Firefox the same.

    The word "alert" is prepended to what I hear with every line when I cursor up and down in that box. Cursors left and right do not work. They don't read by character. Needless to say, that none of the standard Windows editing shortcuts (ctrl+left/right, etc.) don't work. I hope that I will not need to list all the editing shortcuts in order to get you to implement all of them.

    How do you expect me to debug a page if I can't read the code with the cursors?

    And why don't the main tab controls like "Debugger", "Console", "network", "Profiler", etc. get activated as soon as you cursor to them? Why is enter needed to be press too? Completely different behavior from any other Windows app.

    This product is not finished. Please don't release it as is.

    Sorry for being negative. It might sound unimportant to you people. But for me, it might be the difference between being employed or not.

    Well, at least I can stay with IE 10 for now. But what about after some years?

  23. BlindProgrammer says:

    As a follow up:

    In general what is happening with the move to HTML5 apps and accessibility? Seriously! I want you to think carefully about this question: If most apps are becoming HTML5-based, aren't we throwing away 25 years of accessibility experience in Windows? Experience which has perfected keyboard navigation? How are we going to get this in HTML5 apps? What standards are you going to push forward in order to achieve this? Microsoft used to lead with accessibility efforts. Please try and propose something.

    HTML5 does not have controls that offer by default a rich keyboard experience. Developers are lazy and will never implement keyboard commands if they are not there by default. Also, many websites do not even use the standard HTML5 UI controls. They use a sea of divs that are made to look like the actual control but they are not really fully implemented underneath.

    And what about moving among controls or for groupping controls? HTML5 only offers tabindex. It's completely inadequate. Windows desktop apps have panels, toolbars, list views, etc. all with there own rich set of keyboard navigation commands and different ways to jump between them in smaller or larger increments, i.e. from smaller to larger we have: the cursors, tab, ctrl+tab, f6 and ctrl+f6 (plus the above keys with shift prepended for the reverse direction).

  24. meta says:

    i think IE installing progress is not good for one big corporation !?

    very very simple ?????! and very very slow ?!!!!??????

  25. Chris says:

    Did you fix the fuglified interface?

  26. metta2uall says:

    thanks, good work!!

  27. Ronald says:

    What IE really lacks is convenient bookmark importing: When importing bookmarks from another computer (IE) or browser, keep the bookmarks in the same sequence as the one you import it from

  28. Esben says:

    I really like the speed in IE11 and the new Developer tools. But like Roman says we need the "Browser mode" back in the Developer tools. Apart from missing the browser mode IE11 is great!

  29. Georgi Hadzhigeorgiev says:

    Installed it this morning. It's broken! Couldn't set focus and/or enter text in any input field, including login credentials fields on,, etc …

  30. Joey 2 says:

    I'm looking for the right word to describe this browser and can't find one. Speed is half way there, supported functions are half way there, and so on. Java Script is the basic of all web pages, i don't want to say that Sunspider is an exception but it looks that way. Some other benchmarks show that I.E. is not ready, so that's that. Here is good example of it, if i can't post a link to, Hixie_DOM.html

  31. fr says:

    It is concerning that there are still differences in web standards support between the Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 versions (eg Encrypted Media Extensions and Media Source Extensions).  So now we will apparantly have two differently behaving browsers with the same name and version number to confuse users and developers.

  32. TNT says:

    The think that bothers me a lot on IE10 (and earlier) is the fact that

    when you are using File –> Save as… on a rather large page

    you need to wait untill the page is fully saved before you can switch tabs…

    It would be nice to switch to a different tab and come back later and see if the page has been saved.

  33. kris says:

    part 2

    Well, I am sure IE9,10,11, 12 will not be installed on XP. the people who use IE is totally sit with Windows XP. 7 user have some kind of idea so why they have move to Firefox and chrome.

    Old time stories. Maybe I will show this same to my son and Daughter in my 60es. I will say "In our time their is a company Microsoft which known for 2 thing ( I know you have many wonderful project"), First Windows and second IE. Windows is almost 100% is nothing about open-source or any kind collaboration( I don't thing if we have anything good like github as today) and IE6 is most broken software that Microsoft ever made. Hmm, Little funny memories.

    One day I see many people have trouble with IE, I thing I should make a poster that please for god don't use Ie and let's try Firefox or Chrome. Somebody (microsoft fanboy) tell me to not do it. Yes seriously Microsoft, Do  you have seen that have article and most of writer doesn't even mention IE as browser.

    Maybe this trouble come from space. Do neil armstrong come with a IE source code from space. I can't show my feeling that how much I hate it. if IE is a men I have been killed it.

    Why this silly browser doesn't take my DIV,span object as chrome and firefox do.even If I learn to puzzzle with it then is this be long term benifit for me. When people stop using it then my knowledge has been gone. I feel I make my hair white for a thing that even not work for long term. Like other thing Java and c# is long term goodness.

    I can only expect one few more thing from Ie team

    1. Make something so people can post bug easily. I see how better you put comment & feedback tool in VS13 RC,PReview.

    2. Make a better integration of good thing. Everytime I use IE I feel both Google and Microsoft play Ban game for each other. Because Microsoft can't play this more Google win easily.

    3.  You do a good job (hard job) why don't you make it open-source. Don't you see or believe that How developer stay with Firefox and chrome because they got something from both that Microsoft never have gave (or will be).

    These 3 are enough.  Need to wait a lot If microsoft will have solved it otherwise stay with Firefox and Chrome. I know your IE birth certificate (unit test and comparision) are far awesome then other. but I am not impressed since microsoft made it.

  34. kris says:

    part 3

    I put a long comment. Hope people can read it and thing about it. This can't be answered since Microsoft can't do anything with this already died project. Make new feature can't make this project start running.

    Last but not last, Why don't you stop it like what you have done with Expression Web,Microsoft frontpage and Expression Design.

  35. Get lost says:

    Cannot Save HTTPS Certificates without running as admin

  36. Stifu says:

    @kris: my eyes are bleeding.

  37. Gaurav Seth (MSFT) says:

    @Arieta: We are trying to reproduce the JavaScript problem you are having with ebay.  Could you share more information about the exact repro steps and let us know for how long you see the CPU utilization at 100% after closing the tab or the browser.

  38. Mark says:


    Sitepoint is claiming that Windows 8.1 RTM has dropped the browser modes.

    Conceptually I'm totally OK with this but I think we would all love some clarification as to which parts have changed/been removed.


    1.) Is this specific to Windows 8.1 (e.g. will IE11 on Windows 7 still have this feature?), what about Windows 8.0 with IE11?

    2.) Are you just removing the IE7/8/9/10 emulation… but the default Quirks, Almost Standards, and Standards Mode will remain?

    3.) Is compatibility mode still a toggle available for sites? or for the user to toggle?

    4.) Is this just for the (f.k.a) "Metro" interface IE browser or for the real, usable, desktop browser too?

    5.) Are document mode and rendering mode still at play? This is all very confusing (not that it hasn't been confusing for the last 10 years, but still)

    e.g. if I use Windows 8.1, IE11, desktop browser to access a site that has no doctype specified and includes the meta tag requesting quirks mode – what will I get in IE11… and will it be drastically different from IE9/IE10?

    PS – please fix this ridiculous blog comment form! readers should not have to copy/paste their comments and re-post several times to successfully comment here.  We're getting sick and tired of this!

  39. pmbAustin says:

    @Mark… re: "We're getting sick and tired of this!"  

    I'm getting sick of your whining, especially when it's right above that they have stated clearly they're looking at it, and as you and others have been told millions of times, if it bothers you so damn much, just LOG IN.  It takes two seconds, and you do it once and forget about it from that point on (i.e. you don't have to keep on logging in every time you visit).

    Seriously.  They're aware.  Your constant nagging does nothing but annoy.  Stop it.

  40. pmbAustin says:

    A request for a future version:

    I wish the IE team would make IE abandon system or application modal dialogs.

    It should NEVER be the case that a website popping up a dialog should prevent me from switching to another tab.

    This is my biggest pet peeve, I think.

  41. Daniel says:

    @pmbAustin (@Mark)

    I'm sorry pmbAustin there has been absolutely NO COMMENT from MICROSOFT indicating that they are looking at the blog posting issue.

    If there was it would say:

    "We know there is an issue and we are glad you posted the solution to it already.  We were holding off for so darn long because we realized the second we took the 30 seconds to fix this bug we would be officially confirming the legacy ASP postback bug that we've been denying for over 5 years and we know that would make us look very bad.  However we decided that the public shaming that we get on the IE Blog every day because we have yet to add the one line fix has finally got all the way up to management and we were told to just fix the blog already!"

    I'm just guessing of course as Microsoft would likely make a more PR friendly statement.

    @pmbAustin as many people have told you countless times already and you just won't listen – we should not have to log in to a public blog in order to circumvent a published bug (with a published solution) that has been known for 6+ years.  Rather than force 1,000's of users to suffer, lose their data, get ticked off at Microsoft, publicly bash the company, get confused as to how a tech company that makes a web browser can't figure out HTML Form Element submission……… why not just let one of the co-ops take 30 seconds to check in a fix and deploy it to production?

  42. PhistucK says:

    @"@chewbacca" –

    You do not really need to account for older Chrome or Firefox versions (perhaps only versions earlier than Firefox 4). Automatic updates kick in quickly and 99% of the users are up to date within a couple of weeks, so this is a non issue.

    With Internet Explorer, you do have to account for at least four (major) versions now, but there are multiple configurations for which you might need to account for almost every version (did you know, for example, that Internet Explorer 8 has background position issues when running within Windows XP that uses the Windows Classic (meaning, not Luna) theme, for example?).

    I believe Chrome and Firefox have far fewer differences between the various platforms and configurations.

  43. Frank says:

    Is anyone having a problem with logging into certain sites with IE11 Preview Release?

    I found one site so far that has this problem, so I had to use Firefox to log in.

    I heard one other complaint about this before it happened to me.

  44. pmbAustin says:

    @Daniel, you're wrong of course.   Go to the previous blog entry (the one about JPEG performance improvement), and simply read the comments.  Here, I'll save you the effort:

    "Christian Stockwell [MSFT]  

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013 1:23 AM


    Thanks for the positive feedback on Connect. The team's been working hard to make it a more effective feedback mechanism, and we know that there's still more for us to do.

    As I've mentioned in some previous posts we're investigating what it will take to fix the blog software. We know that the "lost comment" bug goes away if we disable anonymous posts, but we'd like to avoid that if we can. In the interim, if you sign in you shouldn't hit the bug."

    NOW STOP WHINING/WHINGING.  Seriously.  You guys come off sounding horribly immature and are completely annoying.

    And since there is a simple, easy, trivial work-around to your pain that has you howling, but you REFUSE to take that simple step (logging in), the problem really IS yours.  If it is SUCH an issue for you, just simply log in.  In two seconds, you'll eliminate the problem for yourself completely.  But I think you love bitching too much to ever do that.  You'd rather whine, cry, ***, and moan, and generally be an immature little crybaby asshat, annoying everyone for no good reason.

    YOU know it should be fixed.  *I* know it should be fixed.  *Microsoft* knows it should be fixed.  It does absolutely nothing to keep harping on the issue in every single blog post.  All you're doing is making an ass of yourself, and making yourself look like an incompetent fool for not being able to simply log in to relieve your own pain.  You're not HELPING anything.  You're just complaining/bashing.

  45. Arieta says:

    @Gaurav Seth (MSFT): The problem happens during completely normal browsing of ebay, in particular on the auction item pages (they max out the cpu with a javascript loop). Main page etc. are not affected. This alone is annoying but as it is a problem on Ebays end, I assume you can do little about it.

    The other problem, where a tab gets stuck executing scripts in the background, seems to be caused by a browser extension, Trixie, that I've been using to load user scripts associated with websites (eg. a hand-written javascript that executes on page load – see Greasemonkey if you've never heard of it). It sucks that Trixie is buggy, because with both of that and IEPro being abandoned, there are no useable userscript plugins for IE. You really should consider making add-ons easier!

  46. Graham says:

    On…/Hixie_DOM.html, IE11 preview takes 511ms on my system and Chrome takes 27ms. What a pity!

  47. @Mark:

    1) No, we do not have different document mode support on Windows 7 than we do on Windows 8.1.

    2) No, all existing document modes are still supported. We did not introduce a new IE11 document mode distinct from Edge mode.

    3) Yes. Developers can still opt into document modes for their sites, and users can opt into the legacy document modes with their local Compatibility View List.

    4) No, we do not have different document mode support on immersive and desktop IE.

    5) Yes, document modes still exist.

    In IE11 we removed the option in the F12 tools to opt into specific document modes. We've received feedback from some developers that they liked that option as a complement to the tools We're listening and investigating what we can do to act on that feedback. At the same time, we really do believe that the best way to reliably test sites on older versions of IE is to actually test on those older versions of IE–either on a physical machine or on a virtual machine.

  48. Arieta says:

    @Christian Stockwell [MSFT]: While it is true that using the actual old IE version is more accurate, some companies just don't have the resources to use so many VMs just for this. Switching the browser mode was a quick & dirty solution that was also built in, and could be accessed easily and at any time, to check major issues in rendering.

    Of course we can still do the same by adding meta lines into our test codes to force older IE modes, but even that is not as fast as the manual switching we had before.

    On the up side, I can only hope that this means that document modes will be phased out soon; beyond a single "Quirk" mode that other browsers also have.

  49. Gérard Talbot says:

    @Christian Stockwell [MSFT]

    > 2) No, all existing document modes are still supported.

    Why IE11 need or would need to be able to render a webpage in IE7 compatibility rendering mode or in IE8 compatibility rendering mode? Windows XP extended support is supposed to end on April 8th 2014.

    Gérard Talbot

  50. @pmbAustin says:

    @pmbAustin a quick recap since you seemed to miss this the last time it was posted.

    "You're not HELPING anything.  You're just complaining/bashing." – BINGO!!! Get that man a prize!

    This is __exactly__ why this is working! and exactly why it is happening on every blog post because it is finally getting attention and at some point Microsoft is going to take 2 minutes and fix the bug!

    It will take more time to brew a cup of coffee than to fix this bug yet it has taken years for Microsoft to admit to the bug and "semi"-commit to fixing it!

    When the bug is finally fixed, we will gladly accept your thanks pmbAustin for making the IE Blog a better, __usable__ place!

    But for now we have to recap.









    *****                      WE ARE SORRY BUT WE HAVE YET TO FIGURE OUT WEB FORMS                       ****



    Seriously this is like a 5+ year old bug! Microsoft knows about it, every frequent commenter on this blog knows about it!, this bug on the IE Blog has been blogged about on OTHER BLOGS (that's how well known it is!), Community Server knows about this bug! The solution to fix the bug has been posted ON THE BLOG by dozens of readers!


    @Wilson Guo [MSFT],

    @Michael Patten [MSFT],

    @PJ Hough [MSFT],

    @Sandeep Singhal [MSFT],

    @Rob Mauceri [MSFT],

    @Paula Chuchro [MSFT],

    @Ceri Gallacher [MSFT],

    @Dinesh Chandnani [MSFT],

    @Matt Gradwohl [MSFT],

    @Rajkumar Mohanram [MSFT],

    @Dean Hachamovitch [MSFT],

    @Kevin Miller [MSFT],

    @Jatinder Mann [MSFT]

    WHO THE **** has the FTP password for this site and WHY THE **** have they not fixed it already!?!?

    Somebody has to be responsible for this blog and that person needs to stand up and do something to fix it!

    This is the **only** blog I know of that just-plain-doesn't-and-never-has-worked!

  51. @Gerard: We'd love to be able to reduce the dependency on older document modes. It takes a lot of engineering effort to make sure that those older modes continue to work. At the same time, we think that it's even more important that customers continue to upgrade. Nobody wins if IE users decide to stay on older versions of Windows/IE because their favorite sites break or because their companies can't absorb the cost of upgrading all of their old intranet sites to newer modes. We'll be happy to phase out support for that legacy code when we are able, but until then we will work as hard as we can to ensure that everyone has great reasons to upgrade to the latest version of IE and can do so with confidence that their existing sites will continue to work.

  52. Danny says:


    Its more than an year ago, after complaining on every blog; MSDN, Windows, TechNet, Office and even Scott Gu's personal blog (:P), I opened a ticket with Telligent (a third-party organization behind this blog-system product).

    Here is my initial report:


    Case Number: T00020087

    Date Created: 4/26/2012

    Case Status: New

    Case Subject: Session Expired in 15 minutes without any notification

    Case Details:

    Dear Telligent personnel, I am pretty sure this is not the first time someone is reporting this error in here and on MSDN blogs. Atleast 100 people / month report this error to MSDN blog authors without knowing its the product of Telligent sys. Please consider fixing the issue. The session should not be expired or atleast there should be some notification to the user that "the session is expired so you need to refresh the page before typing the comment". People type comments and lose them all the time. The page refresh itself without posting the comment if the person is not sign-in, have been on the page for more than 15 minutes (900 seconds) and try to post comment. If you think this is not true, please consider searching < search-key > "comment system" < /search-key > on bing or google (copy/paste the string between the < search-key > tag) ..

    Please fix this problem soon as all the Microsoft blogs are using telligent suites.

    I hope you will take this as a constructive criticism and address the issue with best of your abilities.

    Thank you.

    Telligent Support



    Their first and final reply:


    Have you brought this issue up to John Wood (MSFT) as of yet? John Wood manages the MSDN and technet sites, and while this is most likely a configuration issue, we can work with John if that is something that is needed.

    John – Let me know if this is something you want to escalate up to us or not.


    Brian Skok


    And then I never heard from John Wood. So if anyone of you guys knows someone who are Microsoft TechNet/BizSpark partners (or working for some large enterprise who happen to be their partner), ask them to suggest the sleeping corporate goons  at Microsoft to develop their own blog system with the following features:

    – Ability to post comment anonymously with no session timeout (or a longer timeout).

    – Validations with proper error messages, when submitting comment. In case its spam or "you cant post X numbers of links" or "your session is timed-out"

    – Responsive for mobile.

    They can just use VS2013 and create a clean MVC 5 project with built-in "twitter bootstrap" responsive template and get done with this thing in no longer than couple of weeks.

    and make it open-source, so its ever evolving.

    This coming for us gets no attention, but if its coming for their partner, I am sure things would be different.

  53. Fred says:

    IE11 and I still can't read the text on a page.

  54. Sanket says:

    Can you just remove IE7 & IE8 from the Internet, that would be far more better than releasing IE11.

  55. Hadn't signed in when I posted this earlier – will IE11 allow Win7 shops to manage GPPrefs without an 8 machine to do it?

  56. Does UI Responsiveness tool work in this preview? I can't seem to use it. I can click the Start button, but when I click the Stop button, nothing happens.

  57. Gérard Talbot says:

    @Christian Stockwell [MSFT]

    Thank you for your response. 3 other questions.

    1- How about fixing this comment blog? Some of the problems with this blog have been identified more than 7 years ago by commenters in this blog.

    "putting a very badly designed blog online is not listening"…/373954.aspx

    "Why can't this blog work like other blogs and have markup and preview."…/the-first-year-of-ie7.aspx

    2- How about having this blog moderated? Anonymous postings, disparaging comments, name-calling remarks, agressive insinuations, clearly hostile abbreviations, cap-lock manners, totally off-topic comments, etc.. None of this would be acceptable and admissible in the workplace, in a scientific forum, on national television or in a court of law. I have in the past emailed the IE blog editor about all this and nothing changed.

    3- A lot of people in this blog have been asking Microsoft to improve connect IE beta feedback since the beginning of the bugs tracking system (connect IE beta feedback). The problems and issues (eg "by design", "wontfix" resolutions) have been detailed, explained in this blog and in emails many times and solutions have been proposed too.

    Gérard Talbot

  58. William says:

    @Gerard Talbot you've very nicely summed up all the issues that have been troubling users of this blog and connect since they started. I only hope that there is someone at microsoft that is actually reading these comments with enough merit to get to the root of these issues and resolve them. Until that time this blog continues to be the laughing stock of the Internet – the classic punchline when discussing any online project.

    Dev 1: "Hey man this Innotrode Website is horrible just look at the tacky icons!"

    Dev 2: "Well at least it isn't as bad as the IE Blog or Connect! – At least our CMS actually works!"

    I'm a betting man.  My money says nothing happens to fix this blog until 2015 after the current "owners" have received their #E0427F's

  59. Steven says:


  60. Gérard Talbot says:


    > I only hope that there is someone at microsoft that is actually reading these comments

    EricLaw [ex-MSFT]

    In case it's not blatantly obvious, comments here are not being read anymore.…/april-2013-internet-explorer-updates.aspx


    This is another problem on top of all others mentioned. There is no sure way to find and communicate with the Microsoft-Responsible person in charge of those issues with the IE blog or with the connect IE beta feedback. And so, those problems (explained, repeated by dozens of commenters during years) linger on and on and on…

    "If you want us to take you seriously, then you have to start behaving seriously."

    Alphonso, August 10th 2006…/694584.aspx

    > My money says nothing happens to fix this blog until 2015

    I personally sent an email to Travis Leithead explaining why I would not participate in the IE9 beta feedback on April 14th 2009:


    I no longer participate in IE beta feedback (…)

    I do not like the way the IE beta feedback works and made several

    constructive suggestions; some were obvious and also backed by others or

    made by others in IE blog.


    Gérard Talbot

  61. Stifu says:

    @Gérard Talbot: rather than focusing on something a possibly bitter ex-MSFT guy said earlier this year, just look up, and you'll realize the MSFT peeps have been answering people lately (and therefore read the comments, if I may make such a bold assumption).

  62. Goran says:

    Installed this preview on windows 7. It was supposed to bring WebGL but Google maps still not working with Google earth module. It says my browser does not support WebGL. What's wrong here?

  63. Scott says:

    come on!

  64. James says:

    Can you comment on support WebM in IE 11?   It seems there was a plug-in for IE 9 and nothing since.

  65. Jason Barile [MSFT] says:


    We do thank you for your feedback and acknowledge that there is much more to be done to provide full accessibility support throughout the F12 toolset.  We are actively looking into the issues you raised.  We do have some keyboard shortcuts you might not be aware of that could help: CTRL+ALT+B to take you to the breakpoints, CTRL+ALT+C to go to the call stacks, and CTRL+ALT+W to go to the watches.  Please let us know if these help!

    Some additional changes we are working on include:

    • Debugger editor improvements for character-by-character and text selection reading

    • Notification banner exposed to screen readers

    • Additional shortcut CTRL+F12 to give the tools focus when pinned to IE

    Thanks again for helping us create better tools!  I would like to discuss your feedback further, so if you wouldn’t mind, could you please send me your contact information via…/contact.aspx  

  66. PhistucK says:

    @Grumpy User –

    This only happens when you install a certain edition of Internet Explorer. This edition is provided when you keep "I would also like Bing and MSN defaults" ticked in the download page –…/download-ie

    Sneaky, yes – but avoidable. 😉

  67. Sue says:

    Very good!

  68. Real McCoy says:

    @Jason Barile [MSFT], thank you for responding. FINALLY, I know your name — the person taking about IE shortcuts!! 🙂

    Please consider these stale requests.…/paste-and-go-on-the-address-bar…/one-missing-and-another-poorly-implemented-shortcut

    All non-IE browsers support it. these may not be showstopper but merely a matter of binding keys and buttons with event handlers. So why not just bake them in IE too?

    Admittedly, this is a minor request compared to more *important issue* in your backlog. But conventionally speaking, what is the life span of a minor stuff in IE team's book? A decade? Please discuss with the sleeping bosses so we can enjoy happy browsing with IE for life!

    Thanks 😎

  69. Sardoc says:

    I'd like to report a bug in IE11 Release Preview (can't report it on Connect for some reason, it doesn't want to process my details form):

    The program crashes (appcrash) on website and keeps on recovering the page. It doesn't crash only if the website is viewed in compatibility mode (regardless whether extended protected mode is enabled or not). Tested on Win7 x64.

    I'm not exactly sure if it's something to do with the browser, or Eidos page, but better to report this kind of stuff before the release.

  70. Windows Phone user says:

    Dear IE team, when would you bring file upload feature in IE10 for Windows Phone?…/2343183-upload-files-via-browser

    A third party UC Browser app allows us to upload files and so does the tons of messaging apps (What's app, WeChat, Line, Kik Messenger and much much more).

    Please consider this request. Thank you.

  71. pmbAustin says:

    I just want to second @Real McCoy … those two small features/short-cuts would be most welcome, and shouldn't be onerous to implement, and would cause a great deal of good-will with the community.

    Additionally, existing requests for more UI flexibility/customizability would go a long way towards creating good-will:  Being able to configure so the home button is over on the left by the back button (the default position for pinned websites anyway, so why not let users make that the default for 'normal' browsing too?), etc.  And of course the option to have a separate search box, that many power users want (obviously defaulted to off… we just want the OPTION, and you HAD the code for it in IE8, so it's not like it's a dramatically new development).

    There are a lot of "little things" in the UI that can bring IE up to and even beyond what is available in other browsers from a user experience.  A little time put towards those would go a long way towards improving IE's reputation.

  72. Jason Holden says:

    Am I missing something or is the copy/paste function gone from the Debug console.  I can't figure out how to Copy a variable name into the watch window?

  73. BlindProgrammer says:

    @Jason Barile [MSFT]

    Thanks so much for your response and the fact that you are trying to improve the situation. I really appreciate it!

    I have provided my contact information via the contact form.

  74. Real McCoy says:

    Feature request, Dictionary Manager:…/ie10-spell-check

    Please implement a webpage accessible at "about:dictionary", where we can upload cvs, excel and other known dictionary formats in addition to manage individual entries and multi-select, multi-paste ability.

    That task can be carried out with edge version of PowerShell natively and since the edge version of IE runs on version having latest POSH, please implement the dictionary manager with PowerShell and Office teams.


  75. Erik says:



  76. @Erik says:

    IE11 is faster than FF 24 and 25

  77. Robert says:

    I'm very happy to see IE getting faster and more standards-compliant!

    Is there a list of specific bugs/issues fixed in IE11 that normal folk can get to?  I'm looking for confirmation of a bug fix of a very specific issue (event listeners getting wonky from anchor tags in very specific situations, see e.g.…/733).  Seems broken in IE9 and 10, but fixed in IE11, but I'd be interested to see it actually acknowledged somewhere.  🙂

  78. The Deeds says:

    @Robert, it could be part of making the browser standard compliant, self-realization OR someone has reported the issue on Connect. Its not clear. But at our part. the right thing to do is to post a bug report for reference. If its a duplicate of some other issue, they will let you know.

    One thing is unclear so far. IE10 and 11 has "auto upgrading to newer version" feature like FF and Chrome, visible in About window (Alt+X + A). What is the use of that feature, if their process of delivering updates are same? That is: the minor updates from Windows Updates are only related to security and stability and major update (next version) arrives with newer version of Windows… after an year or so!

    Why can't they get independent and focus on a feature, cook it, deliver it via automatic update and move on to next. See how Mozilla delivers newer version of Firefox seamlessly after few months.. without restarting your computer. They have a public roadmap and they stick to it.

    Which means WebGL 1.0 will arrive with Windows 9, IE12? For now , we are supposed to deliver backward compatible version of WebGL. One for WebGL 0.9 and other for edge version..…/nokia-here-maps-reporting-webgl-issues

    Why can't all Microsoft teams prefer to take the lead like JavaScript team did… as opposed to being underdog!

  79. ben joven says:


    thanks for this….

  80. Martijn Saly says:

    I'd be happy to try it out. But only if document modes are back. In the previous preview, they went missing completely. "IE11" was the only option, but it remained a dropdown to choose from, which let me to believe it must be a mistake by Microsoft. That can happen. But in MSIE's case, document/browser modes are vital in the development process, and while relying on virtual machines is fine for a testing phase, it's impractical while developing.

    I'll see where this goes, but as you can understand, I'm reluctant to installed this new preview. Especially since it replaces IE10 (which is another thing that Microsoft has never fixed: running IE's side-by-side or in portable mode, like all other browsers can).

  81. Christian Stockwell [MSFT] says:

    @Martin Saly: Thanks for your feedback. We are looking at adding back the document mode selector in F12 for the final IE11 release.

  82. Arieta says:

    A little update on the Ebay 100% cpu usage bug… it seems it is caused by old versions of Jquery used on ebay, that can't deal with the user agent sniffing. When using the IE10 useragent, it runs fine.

  83. Robert D says:

    Gmail is completely broken for me now in the Release.

    It would hang on the loading bar when signing in on the preview, I would have to refresh to get it to load properly.

    Now it either hangs or doesn't display the CSS correctly.

    UPDATE: Switching off and back on MS Compatibility list seems to of fixed it.

  84. Dylan says:

    I love ie11. the others were so slow sometimes so I started using firefox but ie finally brought itself back

  85. Simba Mupfunya says:

    Well everytime i try to use the developer toolbar when IE11 its attached to VS2012 i get the famous bluescreen!! I do hope this will be resolved in the release version, that is if Microsoft knows about it.

  86. Keyboard Warrior says:

    A new IE version – a new test environment – because every damn version is so different to the other – even exactly the same version works differently on differing versions of Windows!

    Why can't you update IE in the same manner as Chrome, yet? that is frequent, non-breaking, inconspicuous updates that takes just days for the rest of the world to be at the same level. They don't require a reboot. You can run different versions on the same computer (even though you don't need to) Not only that, it performs MUCH better – and works exactly the same on completely different operating systems! Same for FireFox.

    Get with the times, Microsoft!

    IE is swiftly becoming irrelevant. I can't wait for the day when we can drop the head-ache IE support completely!

    [settle down, IE fan-boys – these are technical advantages, not preferences]

  87. It might be as fast as other browsers, but due to worst font rendering you can find, IE11 has been disabled through "Turn Windows Features On and Off"

  88. Eyassu says:

    just a great innovative and awesome!

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